Berto speaks on victory over Rivera and more

By G. Leon


Berto speaks on victory over Rivera and more

GL: Congrats on the victory. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance? "It was the show that I needed it was a fight that I needed. I needed it because it answered a lot of questions. They're calling me a superstar prospect and I think I showed how I deal with adversity when it comes and I think I showed that pretty well last night."

GL: Anybody who saw the fight saw that you dominated every second of every round except for the second where you managed to get cute, come in with your hands down and get dropped by a counter uppercut. What did you learn from that and how hurt were you?

Andre Berto: "I learned a lot from that because coming into the fight they were hyping the guy and he had so much hype about the other guys he fought and how well he did with Joel Julio. The first six rounds I was thinking to myself, this is too easy. It was too easy so I got a little careless and like you said I lost focus real quick and he caught me with an uppercut that I didn't see. I wasn't really hurt and I tried to jump back up. The thing was I rolled my ankle at the same time so I kind of hesitated to get up. I wasn't hurt, it was just a flash knockdown. It the next I round I went out there to show everyone I wasn't hurt and I tried to bring the pressure and bring the heat."

GL: The next round started about 30-40 seconds late because of the glove change, how do you feel that helped you?

AB: "Like I said, I wasn't really hurt at all. I was ready to go, but the glove ripped. Actually I ripped the other glove also and the commission made us change it. I know it looked kind of funny on TV, like it took a lot of time and my corner was taking their time but I was ready to go. As soon as we went back in there I went straight at him. I wasn't really hurt at all."

GL: Does getting dropped by Rivera mean you should maybe slow down the whole process of getting in there with elite fighters?

AB: "Not really, but then again. It was a learning experience, I should have stayed focused for the whole fight because I was in there with a tough vet. I shouldn't have taken him lightly at all through the fight. That was a mistake I made and I learned from that. Even when a fight seems easy or seems like it's going my way, I'm going to stay on my P's and Q's all through the fight. I just got a little bit too comfortable and got caught with a little flash shot. I think I needed that though, I'm glad it happened now instead of a big fight."

GL: Will David Estrada be your opponent on September 29?

AB: "I went back and I watched the tape of this last fight and I made a few mistakes, but I still seemed to dominate most of the fight I do believe I'm ready so I'm looking forward to David Estrada and September 29."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

AB: "I heard from ESPN we had a ton of viewers, I appreciate the support from everybody. I feel that I showed everybody that I can come back from adversity and I showed everybody that I have the heart of a champion. I just hope that I gained 100% more fans than I would have if I blew him out.'


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