Berto responds to Andino, speaks on February 17 HBO date!

By G. Leon


Berto responds to Andino, speaks on February 17 HBO date!

GL: Yukeno Andino called you out recently. I know you read the interview, is there anything you'd like to say in response? "Like I said it's a little funny to me. I don't know who this guy is. He talks a lot of crap about me so he must know me pretty well, he must be a fan of mine or something. But every time he sees me he acts like he's a fan of mine who wants to take pictures and hug on me. I'll tell you what though, he needs to step his game up. I'm not scared of anybody and I definitely don't have a reason to run from anybody at all. He could say he'd knock me out, anybody can say anything. He could say he'd bet his whole paycheck, but I don't need the extra $500. That's sneaker money to me. Some guys say they can guard Jordan, but then when he has them in that position he makes them look stupid. Tell him to get his stats up, get his credibility up and maybe we could make something happen."

GL: Andino will be fighting on ESPN on January 26. Following this interview, do you plan on watching his fight to have a better idea of who's calling you out?

Andre Berto: "Not really because on February 17 I will be fighting on HBO. He needs to put some work in and keep winning and keep talking. DO what you do on ESPN and in your non-televised bouts, but make sure you win because otherwise you'll mean less to me than you do right now. You see G, this is crazy you got me talking smack on BoxingTalk and I don't talk crap about anybody. Look what you got me doing already."

GL: It's beautiful. Who will you be fighting on HBO?

AB: "I don't know if I'm supposed to let it out of the bag yet, but it looks like the double header is going to beĀ  triple header. I don't have an opponent yet, but it looks like February 17 on HBO Boxing After Dark in New York City."

GL: When will you have an opponent solidified, February 17 is right around the corner?

AB: "I think we'll have all of that figured out by the end of next week. I'm ready to go back into camp and start grinding to get ready to put on a show. Tell Andino I appreciate his love for my talent. Probably one day down the line we'll meet up, as long as you don't take an L first."


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