Bernard Hopkins Part 2: This is my last year in boxing

By G. Leon


Bernard Hopkins Part 2: This is my last year in boxing

GL: Other than the Calzaghe rematch is there any other fight that interests you? "The rematch with Joe Calzaghe is great just because Joe needs to rectify the gift he got. Does he have to fight? No. Am I asking him to fight? I will not play myself like some other guys have, I will not call this guy out. If he wants to fight and the deal is right, I'll be there. If the fight never happens again, I'm good. I'm not denial. I could live with not fighting Roy Jones or Joe Calzaghe again. I'm not in business to give other guys commercial for them to think I need them. I'm turning 44 in January. Greg, I ain't chasing nobody to fight. If they want to fight, they have between now and the spring to call Richard and say they want to fight me. But it has to be for a purpose."

"I like Chad Dawson and I think he will do light heavyweight well and I wish him all the best. Hopefully we can promote him one day. I want something that has a meaning, or controversy to it. I'm with that. Why would I fight Glen Johnson when I knocked him out when he was undefeated? I like Glen Johnson and we're friends. He helped me get ready in Miami more than once and we sparred over 50 rounds and the only difference between our fight and the sparring is we were wearing headgear. Ask him. It wasn't no different than the fight. The fans just want to see fights and they don't want to hear or see nothing else. I understand what they want to see, but when you go looking for a fight it's not a good thing. That's why Lennox Lewis retired. I had a good discussion with him at the Roy Jones and Calzaghe fight. To me, they come this time next year that I fight going on 45, my phone number is going to be changed after the spring."

"It'll be a deadline with me. I'm 43. People can't tell me nothing about not looking 40. Bullshit. Y'all not going to trick me and undermine the situation and jerk my chain. My ego will not get inflated and defy my common sense. The fans and everybody wants to keep my age as a negative when it benefits them and when it doesn't they say I look ten years younger. Maybe Pavlik can go in there and do that because he's old now and this and that. I am old and I am a senior citizen. The risk is dangerous for me. If I get hit on the arm, there could be a blood vessel on my arm."

"Joe is a smart man for not wanting to fight me again. Making the white boy statement is the only thing that got him out of there. What color were the judges? They weren't black. The bottom line is, I'm cool with it. If Kelly Pavlik was my last fight, what better way to go out."

"They think I got a rabbit foot, I know you thought I was going to lose that fight. I saw your face."

GL: I wasn't there.

BH: "I know that, but I read Boxingtalk and you're my homie and I saw your face because I know what it looked like after your pick blew up in your face. Leave that in there because that's what makes Boxingtalk the shit. I read what people say, but I got thick skin. It wasn't always like that, but I learned that you have to let shit roll off your shoulder like rain off an umbrella. My stare to the press wasn't arrogant. It wasn't, I told you so. I could have hollered and screamed and it would have been justified. But when you know that you shocked them, but knew you would do the whole time, you would do something like that. I thank HBO for not taking the cameras off, when I was telling Pavlik he's good and he's going to kill them at 160 if he doesn't allow this defeat you mentally. He's going to be a bad boy. I was the teacher before the fight, but the student thought I couldn't teach. I had to give him a spanking to take another lesson."

"Listen to this, after me, there will be no more. After me there will be no more. There might be somebody that does something better. There might be somebody who promoted themself most of their career, nobody gave me nothing. If I would have retired when I wanted to retire, people would have never seen history. They would have never seen me fight Tarver. Winky Wright, Joe Calzaghe or Kelly Pavlik. People would have missed history.

"The fans would have never been able to debate my greatness at more than one weight."

GL: That Bernard Hopkins is a bad old man.

BH: "If people want to see me fight, they have until the end of the spring to call Richard and make it happen. If it's not meaningful don't bother calling."


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