Bernard Hopkins Part 1: The Executioner Respects The Ghost But Still Plans on Making Him Disappear!

By G. Leon


Bernard Hopkins Part 1: The Executioner Respects The Ghost But Still Plans on Making Him Disappear!

GL: Time for some Executioner juice. Tell us how Bernard Hopkins is going in there on October 18 to take away Kelly Pavlik's weapon. "Well I wouldn't tell the police if I was going to pickup twelve kilos, because they'd be waiting for me to lock my ass up. The only thing I could tell you is they're going to prepare for what they see and what they hear and I'm looking forward to that. Kelly Pavlik is a straight up tough, rugged fighter who is coming in 34-0 with 30KO. The media has built him up as a puncher. I believe he's a puncher but not like they're claiming. He's not a John Mugabi type of guy, he's not a Sonny Liston type of guy, but he can get your respect and that's what's dangerous. This is as tough as it gets and even Freddie Roach is concerned about me. My assistants and everybody, people who love me and care about me are scared to death, but that's when I'm at my best.

"This is a thing where the media can try to say or dictate how people think or what they do, it's part of a control system. I have to prepare for that. I have to prepare to get knocked down for the second time in my career, who knows? I'm looking for a tougher fight than I've had in the last five or six years. I can mention one, Tito Trinidad in 2001. Being able to keep the pace and keep the calmness after I was winning the first seven or eight rounds easily. I didn't get caught up or count my chickens before they hatched. I stayed the course. We're in this hot back road in Upper Darby getting it in right now.

"Greg this is a fight that everybody has trash talked, but it's getting to the point where I'm getting too old for this stuff. What I got to tell you that I can fight? That I'm going to the Hall of fame? Y'all know B-Hop and you know I'm coming in with a whole new concept. People who follow me know Bernard Hopkins is unpredictable. They used to me talking. I'm going to talk a little because this is a part of the promotion we're trying to sell. Top Rank will be happy, my partners at Golden Boy Promotions will be happy and that's what this is about.

"I'm just glad Greg that I'm fighting back to back twice in one year. I haven't done that in the last six years. I'm coming off of one camp just as sharp as a tack. Nasim had to tell me to slow up. This is the first time in five or six years that I've come back to back in one year. I'm coming out of one fight into another. We are focused and we understand that this is a task that I've demanded isn't fun. We're going to be doing our job from sun up to the evening hours.

"This part of the world understands Bernard Hopkins style. The west coast and the judges over there don't understand Bernard Hopkins style. I am old school. Pavlik's style fits this side of the world. It's old school. His style fits. We can talk about who threw punches and then we could look at the other guys face and see who's bleeding."

"Cotto threw punches and Margarito threw harder punches. It's not about who's throwing more punches it's about who's being effective. I was watching Bennie Briscoe's and Marvin Hagler's. If a guy throws 10 and slips 7 and the others grazed him, but the other guy throws five that do damage, maybe this ain't my era. Kelly Pavlik's style is a style that could've survived in any era and so does mine.

"This is going to be a candidate for fight of the year. Kelly Pavlik can box a little bit, but let's keep it real he likes to come in there and get rid of you and he's got a right hand that can knock a gorilla out. I'm prepared and you can count on me coming in there 100% prepared to win the fight."


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