Bernard Hopkins Confernce Call Transcript!

By Mike Walters


Bernard Hopkins Confernce Call Transcript!

After the official press conference to announce the highly anticipated rematch between undefeated undisputed middleweight champion Jermaine "Bad Intentions" Taylor and Bernard " The Executioner" Hopkins each fighter took part in individual teleconference calls for the media around the world. Hopkins who is never at a lost for words certainty wasn't today. Below is a partial transcript of the call.

Q: Jermaine Just got talking about what a dirty fighter you are etc.. how do respond to that, is that predictable is there any truth to that in your opinion?
BH: I say Jermaine Taylor now has forgot about his first statements prior to his interview in the ring, " I'll do better next time, I'll try harder," to me the guy was talking like everyone seen everyone witnessed. That the wrong guy got awarded a decision he shouldn't have got. I think since then, I'm not surprised or expecting jermaine Taylor to say as a athlete as a guy with pride that I don't deserve to have this I don't  expect him to say that and nobody does but, just like I I got that out of the way I can tell you that he's real vocal now we had a press conference about a hour ago and he was banging on the table and he's speaking and I have played a roll in him being more SPEAKATIVE before he got up and he was telling everybody in July or a couple months before July came that he had a speech imperative  that he had problems and he was kind of shy and he really didn't want to say anything and I 'am not poking fun at that but it's, you know I helped him and he don't even know that and Duane Ford helped him and he doesn't understand that he's matured and he's been helped and now he's more vocal and he's speaking he's not missing a beat and so in saying that Jermaine Taylor has a false sense of security he has a false sense of what's been said to him and what sinking in his head he delusional he's thinking he actually won it took him two and a half three months  to convince himself , of course he was helped, to actually think he pulled it off. Deep down I believe in any athletes soul, when the Diebellas aren't there and the Pat Burns aren't  there and the surrogate fathers aren't there he's got to brush his teeth and spit in the sink and look up and say to himself I know didn't really win that fight by himself and so going into the December situation he has know or at least told that in proven history everyone that has stepped in the ring with Bernard Hopkins twice it wasn't a great outcome not only that night but in their future career at least five or six fighters who could of easily been champions  Antwan Echols, Robert Allen, Sergundo Mercado, Joe Lipsey, Roy Jones never got back in the ring with me  we are respectful friends now but he understood I don't have to get it right the second time, it's just the whole landscape and the demeanors different not just strategy and Jermaine Taylor is under a delusional false sense of security and he knows in his heart that he got a gift and he should be thanking Duane Ford and he should be thanking the judge that awarded him to be the industry champion see he's the disputed champion but i was considered and still be many fans to still be the undisputed and by some media but they don't want to side with anybody. There was no doubt or no or no controversy before July 17th, as to who was the undisputed middleweight champ of the world but now we have a dispute and when you have a dispute you have to settle it. So he cannot walk New York or walk the streets of this country and expect know one to look at him or beep there horn and say too him you didn't win that fight, unless he's in Arkansas and come december 3rd I just got to revisit what I've done and the only adjustment and it's no suprise I'm putting it out there now to everyone that's listening and the next people that's going to ask questions that I must and I will leave in the game with a knockout victory over Jermaine Taylor.It's just point blank and it's not just four rounds that their trying to shove down your throat and especially not those four rounds and I must not let Jermaine Taylor stand to get another victory controversy or non controversy I must stop Jermaine Taylor I felt the same way when I fought Tito Trinidad.
Q: It appears it's going to be a theme that he says you butted him you hit behind the head that you did this you did that they let you get away with all these dreadful things..(Bernard cuts in)

BH: he's whining he called me a baby I'm whining , i hit him in the back of the head i did this I did that did this guy ever watch old fights of Rocky Marciano and Jersey Joe Wallcot and Ezzard Charles does this guy got any history of fighters that fought before our time. I mean I'm not saying that I done these things purposely when your in that ring going in ducking and your leaning forward and he's leaning forward things happen but he's indicating that I intentionally done that and somehow  the referee didn't do his job come on man I could talk about certain things what about when he was turning his back like a coward and if anybody's upset that I said the word coward look at the tape when you see me between now and December 3rd you can that now I've watched the tape and seen the interview , he turned his back twice to me during the fight he gave me his backside and looked for help but i didn't go out saying the man was this the man was that until now.When people start, fighters something that we smell when you start saying he did this he did that you got to do it back to him. I was told from grade one to the first four round fight at the Blue Horizon that if he hit you the cup the first time he made a mistake but then the second time the third time it's not a mistake it's intentional. So when he complains to the media and yourself  that he's this he's that he's dirty. Look I'm in the hurt business the fight business and I'm not looking to come out of this squeaky clean every time I step in to that ring I'm fortunate to have ever been cut in 18 plus years of my career I've been fortunate so when he complains about things he take into his own hands to me that guy who showed me that he turned his back when he got hurt that he's got a sensitive part in his body that needs to be exposed.
Q: After the fight you were asked if you made a strategical error by not starting earlier at the time you said no, now that you've had time to reflect on it do you feel the same?
BH: Now that it marinated, now that I've seen the tape many times and I guess people have seen the rebroadcast of it there like wait a minute he didn't even hit him, he was aggressive but he wasn't effective aggressively he wasn't effective but he was aggressive. No, I wouldn't change nothing that I've done but what i would do is add on, I'm called the Executioner he's going to get hurt this time I will execute him. So I am guilty of not fulfilling my name my ring name the executioner is supposed to execute once you get them in the position to pull the switch, I didn't and I paid for that my only regret that I didn't finish him when he was holding on for dear life especially in the 12th round. So yeah, I've kicked myself many times in the but for that but i will revisit that error and you will see next time and i will get him hurt and get him up and then finish him and then I will leave the game and also take his future with me.