Battle For Supremacy Final Press Conference Quotes


Battle For Supremacy Final Press Conference Quotes

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Final press conference quotes from the fighters participating in Rendezvous with Destiny: Battle for Supremacy at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night:

Evander Holyfield

“It's been 20 years almost to the day since I made my pro debut and I'm honored to be back here [in Madison Square Garden.]”

“This is a crossroads fight for me and I look forward to being unpisputed champion again.”

“If I win, I will fight again until I win a world heavyweight championship”

John Ruiz

“The heavyweight division is in limbo. This card will be like reviving the division and the next step for me is to unify the titles.”

“I am looking forward in fighting in a magical place like the Garden, but I can't focus on that, I have to focus on Golota and what I'll do to him.”

“I would like to unify the titles in the future but the main thing is that I have to prove the world that I can be that undisputed champion. I need to do more on this one, so I can be above everybody on this card.”

“All of the heavyweight fighters stepping into the ring on Saturday night have to have balls, and I urge everybody to bring them along on Saturday, and I’d like to ask Golota to stay away from mine.”

Chris Byrd

“Look at me, I’m the smallest guy of the eight heavyweights on this card, but I don’t care because I can beat all of them.  Bring ‘em on.”

“Jameel is a friend of mine but this is just sports to me.  I had some of the worst scraps in the ring with my brother Patrick, so it doesn’t matter to me.  I love the competition.”

Kali Meehan

“I am going to knock Rahman out. I am ready. I feel good. I felt I won and a lot of other people think I got robbed against (Lamon) Brewster, but that fight is in the past and I am only concentrating on moving and my next fight. I achieved one goal against Brewster: I proved to the fans that I could fight and that made me feel good. I have a lot of confidence going into Saturday. Rahman has a lot more to lose than I do. The heavyweight division is wide open right now and I feel I am right in the thick of it. The name of the game is hit and to not be hit, and I am ready for a good fight Saturday.

Hasim Rahman

“This is not a pick ‘em fight. I will show everyone that. I am going to hit Meehan harder than he has ever been hit before. I am 100 percent ready and focused. There are fighters on this card that have what I had – the heavyweight belt. There is nothing Meehan can do to me.  I am ready for a beautiful performance. I would like to leave a lasting impression. This is going to be my best fight ever.  I am in the best shape of my life. I have one last word for Kali [Rahman, a chess player, turns and looks directly at Meehan]: checkmate.”

Andrew Golota

“It is honor to be on this card at Madison Square Garden and to be fighting for the WBA heavyweight title.”

Jameel McCline

“Chris and I are friends outside of the ring but that don’t mean nothing to me.  He has what I want and I’m coming to get it.”

Larry Donald

“This might sound like slander, but I’m going to beat Evander.”