Barrett, Briggs workout quotes!


Barrett, Briggs workout quotes!

The famous Windy City Gym hosted workouts from Monte “Two Gunz” Barrett and Paul “Firepower” Briggs today.  Barrett will face undefeated World Boxing Association heavyweight champion Nikolai “Giant Russian” Valuev and Briggs will tangle with undefeated World Boxing Council light heavyweight champion Tomasz Adamek at Allstate Arena on Saturday in Rosemont, Ill.

Listed below, please find quotes from the fighters:
Monte “Two Gunz” Barrett

“Any man that weighs over 200 pounds is able to easily knock another man out.  So I don’t worry about Valuev at all.  This fight is all about mental preparation.  I cannot be concerned about Valuev.  I am concerned about me and I am prepared mentally and physically. There are only two things Valuev can do:  Lay down and stay down.

“I went to camp on July 19.  I have watched a lot of tapes of Valuev and I’ve watched a lot of tapes of smaller men fighting taller men, like Leonard fighting Hearns.

“I have the mentality of a challenger.  I wake up feeling like a challenger.  I eat feeling like a challenger.  I go to bed feeling like a challenger.  I’ve boxed over 100 rounds and run over 120 miles preparing for this fight.

“I have upset a lot of fighters in my career.  In the Rahman fight, I was not mentally ready.  Preparation is everything in boxing.”
“This fight is all about stamina.  What it’s going to come down to is when it becomes the sixth round, Valuev is going to decide just how bad he wants it.  He is going to have to reach deep inside and say to himself, ‘Do I really want to continue to fight this guy.’
 “My name is Monte D Barrett and I have never told anyone what the D stands for.  But now I will tell you what it stands for.  It stands for David.  David will slay Goliath.”
Paul “Firepower” Briggs
“I feel that Adamek is the best in the division so it will be amazing to win the WBC light heavyweight championship.  Yes, there are other guys in the division that some people feel are better.  Tarver?  He has the heart of a peach pit.  When he knocked Roy Jones out, his eyes were closed.  I saw it.  I was in the sixth row.  I don’t think anything of Tarver.
“Yes, I know there will be 6,000 Polish fans in the arena screaming for Adamek.  The louder they scream, the better it is for me.  That gets me fired up.  And in the ring?  It is only me and him.  Those people won’t be able to block my punches.
“I fought in Thailand in front of 100,000 screaming fans and it didn’t bother me one bit.”