Barrera trainer speaks to Boxingtalk!

By Brad Cooney


Barrera trainer speaks to Boxingtalk! was fortunate enough to be able to talk one on one with Marco Antonio Barrera's trainer Rudy Perez. Rudy has been training Marcofor 25 years, and there is no one better to talk to about Marco than him. Boxingtalk welcomes Rudy Perez.

BT - Rudy, thank you for joining

RP - Thank you, we are working hard preparing Marco for his next fight.

BT - Rudy you guys have Rocky Juarez to get ready for next, this guy has tremendous power so what do you do to prepare for a guy like Rocky?

RP - We know how dangerous Rocky Juarez is, that's why we are training 100 percent for this fight.

BT - Rocky had his first defeat, and now has bounced back with multiple wins. How concerned are you that a young lion like Rocky Juarez may be very hungry for this win?

RP - Every fight gives me some sort of concern, Rocky Juarez is a very young strong fighter, an ex Olympian that does not step backwards. The only steps he takes back is to counter-punch, and then come forward.

BT - Rudy you have been working with Marco Antonio Barrera for a very long time, how humbling is that for you to have such a great fighter in your life?

RP - It's been 25 great long years, and I want to tell the fans out there that this next fight Marco will be explosive. I am positive that this could be one of the best fights of 2006.

BT - Rudy anything you want to say in closing?

RP - Thanks to Boxingtalk, and I want to encourage all the fans to come and see this fight. This fight will be explosive, because neither man will back up. I want all the fans to see this fight, it will be a great fight.


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