Baldomir a no show for press event!

By Rea Frey


Baldomir a no show for press event!

World welterweight champion Carlos “Tata” Baldomir is still a relatively obscure name in boxing considering his accomplishments. Undefeated but virtually unkown for nine years, he recently came out of the woodwork by claiming victories over boxing favorites Zab Judah and Arturo Gatti. Now, in a fight scheduled for November 4, 2006 at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, Baldomir will be the underdog when he takes on the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Floyd Mayweather Jr.  In a conference call today supposed to promote the pay-per-view telecast, Baldomir was a no show, leaving his trainer, Amilcar Brussa, and promoter Dan Goossen of Goossen Tutor promotions, to answer questions. 

“Floyd Mayweather’s career is going to be determined by the types of risk he takes as he moves forward,” Goossen said of Floyd. “He took risk fights at a very young age. At this stage, he’s looking for bigger and better. Really what evolves here is you got a bigger and stronger champion in Baldomir. Although Mayweather’s skills overcome lack of size here, the odds don’t show that. The odds, which were 8 to 1 for Floyd, are now just 4 ½ to 1.” 

Brussa explained that with all the sparring and training Baldomir is doing at the gym, he is going to beat Mayweather. “I have all the confidence that he will beat Mayweather. The rivalry between Baldomir and Mayweather is tough. But he’s going to go in there to fight and win. Carlos is a very tough fighter, a very intelligent fighter, and we’ll see when we get to the ring how that goes into play. It’s going to be tough but not a hard fight at all.” Baldomir’s conference call will be rescheduled so he can explain his game plan for how he plans to destroy undefeated “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather