BT Prospect Watch: James Dubois

By Socrates Palmer Jr


BT Prospect Watch: James Dubois

On Saturday evening undefeated super featherweight James "Quick Draw" Dubois, will look to continue his winning ways when he takes on South Carolina’s own Darryl Watson in a six round contest. Dubois a native of Dallas, Texas owns a mark of 6-0 with 2 knockouts, and will be part of the supporting cast emanating from the Township Auditorium, in Columbia, South Carolina. The bout is being promoted by Standing 8 Productions and is entitled “Explosion over the Midlands.” The rest of the fight line up includes top ten world contender Jean Paul Mendy vs Jason Naugler in the main event and Tarvis Simms vs. Gabriel Rosado in the co-main event.  This is the first time Dubois will be fighting outside of his hometown state. Saturday night will also mark the first time he steps into the ring since signing a pact with Cestus Management. “Quick Draw” who now makes his home in San Antonio says that this is another step closer to his eventual dream of winning a world title.

“Since I was 14 years old that was my goal and I am confident that I have what it takes to be a world champion and to be one of the best fighters in the world,” Dubois.

Despite Dubois neophyte professional status he is no newbie to the Sweet Science, Dubois is a former amateur standout. In 2003 at the U.S. Men’s National Boxing Championships in Las Vegas he finished in fifth place and narrowly missed making the Olympic team. Dubois as a fighting Airman was three-time All-Air Force featherweight champion. During his time in the military Dubois served as a signals intelligence operator with Lackland’s 93rd Intelligence Squadron.

At age 29 Dubois knows that he is a little further behind than some of his other amateur counterparts, but to him he sees this as an advantage. Advisor Mike Michaels says that Dubois is a young 29, and that physically fresh and his mentality is that of a man his age. Well Dubois certainly has his maturity tested on a daily basis besides his lofty goals and aspirations inside the quadrilateral he is a husband, a father of a 5 month old son and a full time firefighter. Yes Dubois is a member of San Antonio’s bravest. In 2005 Dubois was one of the many valiant men and woman who helped the unfortunate victims of Hurricane Katrina. Dubois says that albeit his job as a firefighter is demanding it is very much flexible and that helps in terms of training.

“My family life keeps me grounded and focused on what is important, I have a great support group at home from my wife and looking at my son is all the inspiration I need and now with Cestus, I feel I’m ready to take things to the next level,” Dubois.

“I’m not going to give anyone a company line here; my gut feeling is that this kid (Dubois) is the real deal. I’m putting everyone on notice 2009 he will be a monster,” Michaels.

Michaels hopes that his 5’9, 130 pounder from the Lone Star State, will share some of the same success as some of his other past and present pugilist. Dubois says that he has no problem making 130 pounds and that eventually he will be making his way south to the featherweight division.  Michaels feels that his physical attributes are huge and that his slick style will make him unbeatable.
“James will be exposed as the great fighter he can be. Saturday night James “Quick Draw”  Dubois will show that that no one can out gun sling him, this is the beginning,” Michael.

It will be the first time Dubois fights outside of his native Texas. Michaels sees Dubois ready to make the leap to 10 round fights by next year. Dubois senses that his time is now; he said that when he was younger he had many offers to turn professional but he just did not feel the time was right back then. In fact he was the one who contacted Cestus Management and in an e-mail to his manager Gina Iacovou he wrote to her that he was a “future world champion”.  Iacovou said that after watching some fight tapes that she was convinced that Dubois can not only fight, but has star potential.


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