BT Members Only Mailbag

By Jose Aguirre


BT Members Only Mailbag

Fire, I believe Floyd can beat some of those guys but it seems as though this big fight issue is an excuse for Floyd and Kosta to not fight Vivian Harris. Vivian doesn't have a contract issue w/ any of the television stations preventing a match from being possible. It seems as though Vivian Harris has Winky Wright disease. But the day will come when the money road leads back to fighter that everyone is scared to fight. I don't understand why they are so scared because they are all young. They can't avoid VH til he's 30 something and I know they wont retire before they (PBF, Zab, Cotto, Hatton) are 30. Kosta and Sharmba sort of have an excuse cuz they are in their mid thirties and they have been in the business a while respectably giving us good fights. Roger Mayweather says Sharmba only has a record. Well lets see how many losses by the time PBF has 60 fights. Kosta could have fought VH instead of Jessie Jamse Leijah and Sharmba could had have fought VH instead of Michael Stewart. So I guess they all have to get their money first and then prove their heart.

OnFire's response: Vivian Harris does have Emanuel Steward as manager and trainer and that could only be a plus. I don't know what contractual obligations Vivian has but he has fought on both networks (HBO,Showtime). Many fighters feel that Harris is a big risk that pays little dividents. I don't know what it is but fighters are staying away for Harris like he's contagious. Though Kostya Tszyu is considered by many as the undisputed champion Harris does holds the WBA title and somebody has to want it, if not want it back. I believe that next year will be the break out year for Viv. As long as Harris keeps himself in the position he's in then he will get the fights that he wants and needs. Yeah, he said some things about Sharmba btu do you really think we'll see sixty fights out of Floyd? Mayweather could have fought Vivian Harris too, he was the number one contender to the title held by Harris. Time for somebody to step up.

So, was Roger Mayweather actually DRUNK when you interviewed him, or is he just addled? - John Stangeland Chicago, Il

OnFire's response: I don't suppose he was drunk because when I reached him it was three in the afternoon Las Vegas time. Not that people don't drink that early. He sounded good to me and we actually had a good repoire. It sounded like he was watching some kind of game or maybe even boxing as I heard loud cheering coming from the tv (laughs).

What up On Fire? Man to me it sounds like Roger or Floyd Maywhether dont want to go no where near Vivian Harris.To say pride is nothing,come on.If he thinks his nephew fighting once every 8 to 9 months makes him the best fighter in the
world he's crazy.Cotto is not his toughest challenge at 140 either.Cotto must be who Floyd would call out after a Gatti fight to avoid Tzysu or Harris.It would look a lot better if he says he's the toughest out there then fight him. What you think dawg? Nardfan, Lousiana.

OnFire's response: Roger Mayweather know that Vivian Harris as well as Miguel Cotto are tough fights for his nephew. He states the fact that Harris doesn't generate the money that Floyd is looking for. Though Mayweather has been out of action for some time due to one thing or another he is a very talented fighter. His skills are those that cannot be learned instead having to be born with them. He's the only undefeated fighter in the mythical pound for pound list. To be honest I didn't think of it that way. I have my own opinion of who the tougher fight would be for Pretty Boy and it isn't Cotto.

I just can not understand why nobody is looking at the 2004 Olympic heavyweight Capt.. Devin Vargas. he's pro debut was on Nov.26 2004 with a knock out in the first round at 2min 25 sec. may be nobody is interested in our own people any more they have to out and look for talent.

OnFire's response: Devin Vargas was a big disappointment during the Olympics. He did n't show what most people thought he would. Now maybe those same people don't think he'll amount to anything as a pro. To be honest I didn't see him in the amateurs so I can't comment about his boxing skills. "interested in our own people"? And what people would that be? I think it's always been about talent or excitement. Something Devin may have lacked from the looks of things.

Roy is my hero. This kid comes back to the broadcasting booth after two humiliating losses and behaves like a gentlemen. Remember when James Toney sufferred a loss to Roy and started shooting anything that moved outside of Detroit. I think GOD dealt Roy these blows to test his character and he's coming through with flying colors. I wish him the best. - Kelvin A. Pompey

OnFire's response: There is Roy Jones Jr the fighter and there is Roy Jones Jr the HBO commentator. Can't let one get in the way of the other. After he lost to Tarver he was working PPV within the next few weeks. Is the incident you speak of when James Toney shot at Jackie Kallen? Good thing he didn't get his hands on Roy's flock, he would have chocked the chickens (laughs). Roy is doing a superb job at HBO and I welcome him as an addition to the telecast.

OnFire, I saw that Kassim Ouma might face Kofi Jantuah on the undercard of gatti-leija jan.29, and that vivian harris turned down $200,000 to face abdulaev. my question is have you heard anything about when harris will fight and who it will be against, I think a good place for him would be on the undercard of judah-spinks 2 on feb.5. also who do you like in judah-spinks, and ouma-jantuah. I pick judah by tko in 6, and ouma by tko in 10. thanks

OnFire's response: I don't know where you saw that but you didn't hear it here first though Ouma-Jantuah would be one for the books. Two young, explosive fighters who come forward and always ready to fight. If Harris is turning down money every time that wouldn't be good business. You can bet that Emanuel Steward is working hard to get Harris on tv for the exposure which will lead to good things. If Judah comes focused it could be a very different fight from the first one. But in that sense Spinks is always focused and shows it beginning with the ring walk. I believe Judah has looked at the first fight and will do things differently for the second making the fight real close, possibly pulling it off depending on where they fight. Ouma-Jantuah screams war. Jantuah may have the edge due to punching power though Kassim could overwhelm him.


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