BJ Flores eager to fight Maccarinelli in Wales!

By G. Leon


BJ Flores eager to fight Maccarinelli in Wales!

GL: What's the latest and greatest with BJ Flores? "Not a whole lot going on right now, but I'm reading in the press that Enzo Maccarinelli is looking for a June opponent. Frank Warren says he wants to put him in there with somebody good and he can't have any more walkover opponents, so I'm saying I'm here and I'm ready. Give me two months to get ready for that fight, don't give me three weeks like you gave me last time and I'll be more than happy to take that fight and get rid of Enzo once and for all."

GL: What did you think about his fight with Haye?

BJ: "I thought he showed he was a good opponent and he could definitely fight. Like Enzo Calzaghe said the fight might have ended too early. But I'm tired of the excuses about how had he been in the fight longer he would have beat Haye, if Enzo would have done this or that, but he didn't do that and that's how boxing goes and he got knocked out in the second round. Enzo is a very good fighter, but at the same time David Haye showed that he's head and shoulders better than him. Let's see what he could do in June with me."

GL: Are you willing to fight him over there?

BJ: "Absolutely, they can call me directly. I don't have a promoter and I'm more than willing to fight Enzo and get him out of the division. I'll force him up to heavyweight or down to light heavyweight."

GL: If not Enzo next, then what?

BJ: "I don't know. I want to go to Europe and fight some of those guys. I'm rated #6 by the WBO. I saw that he only dropped down to #3 after that knockout. I don't know what that is. There's a lot of hungry guys out there that would have put up a better account of themselves against Haye. They're looking for a June opponent and they want somebody who matters. I'll go to Wales and do it, just give me 60 days to get ready and he'll be suffering his second loss in a row and Frank Warren will be looking for a new cruiserweight."

GL: Since when do you have no promoter?

BJ: "I haven't had one the whole time and there's been this misconception that I signed with Dino Duva, but I'm a free agent and I'm ready to fight some top guys. I don't have anybody promoting me right now and I'm looking for the best option."

GL: Closing thoughts?

BJ: "Frank Warren just needs to pick up his phone."


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