BJ Flores Using His Strength and Power to Become Champion

By Darren Nichols


BJ Flores Using His Strength and Power to Become Champion

"Strength and power!! That's all I've been working on."

BoxingTalk:  BJ, the last time we saw you in action was last May when you stopped Ali Supreme in the first round.  What do you feel you took away from that fight?

BJ Flores: It was a great experience!!  Being the main event on another card, fighting for a minor title and officially weighing in at the cruiserweight level!! (200lbs) The crowd loved the event and it gave me a chance to go out there and gain experience knocking out a former NABF champion.

BoxingTalk:  Your last fight was your first fight back at Cruiserweight.  What do you feel are your biggest advantages fighting in that weight class?

BJ Flores:Strength and power!!  That's all I've been working on.  I now have a nutritionist to help me and teach me the right way to lose weight and maintain all my strength.  I'm on a great lifting program and I'm stronger than I've ever been, including when I played football in college.  I'm now able to
rep 225lbs. on the bench press 17 times, and my core strength is much better. Besides that, my amateur experience and boxing ability along with the new added strength and fighting in a new weight division should give me the edge
in a close fight.

BoxingTalk:  Do you prepare differently fighting at the 200-pound limit then when you prepared to fight as a heavyweight?

BJ Flores:  Diet!!  Got to make sure that my meals are prepared properly and at certain times of the day.  My nutritionist tells me exactly how many carbs, calories,proteins and anything else you could think of.  The  cardio has been stepped up a little more and just being very smart about what I eat.

BoxingTalk:  I know that you are working with Silverhawk World Championship Boxing.  Talk about how they are helping you out with your career.

BJ Flores: Dennis Rider is a smart businessman.  I really feel comfortable with him.  He flew down to Arizona the other day and watched me train and work and then we went and got some dinner.  My wife and I both feel totally comfortable around him and I feel like I can tell him what I'm thinking and I can be very open with him as far as who I want to fight and where I want my career to go.  He's got my best interests in mind and I think we are gonna be a great team.  Also Willie Knox and Bob Cerbe (managers) have been very instrumental at this stage of my career.  They are always trying to put me in position to
make noise and get me into situations that will helm me advance as a professional boxer.  My Advisor Lou Mesorana..... what can I say.  He's one of the best in the business.  He's knows boxing inside and out!!  Danny Smith is the most underated trainer in boxing.  This guy has an incredible
knowledge of fighters and picks up things so fast.  He can watch a guy and tell you what you can knock him out with.  He makes me think everyday in training and I feel Im getting better every day.  Al Mermini... the Monster has been working with Silverhawk now for a couple of weeks and he has gotten
me so much press over the last year.  He really knows how to get a fighter in the eye of he public.  He done a great job. I also have a nutritionist, personnel trainers, and a beautiful , supportive wife!!  It's a complete team!! 

BoxingTalk:  When can we expect to see you in the ring next?

BJ Flores: September 30th in McAllen TX.  Nov. 11th again in Texas for another minor title.

BoxingTalk:  Do you know who your next opponent will be?

BJ Flores: Nope, but the Novemeber 11th will be a formidable guy.  I was reading some commnts on a Steve Cunningham message board about how when I get to the top he was gonna ship me out.  One of his fans wrote that he "would knock me out in 2 rounds".  I found that humerous.  Steve is a good
fighter with good boxing skillz but he is not a big puncher. We will find out soon enough!  I'm gonna be makin a move real fast so I guess the question is after Steve beats this European, and I get in the top 15 in the IBF, (2 fights) Will Steve give me a shot??  Lets find out!!

BoxingTalk:  Can we expect your next fight to end the same way that your last fight ended?

BJ Flores: You can expect every fight to end that way from hear on out!!  I am to physical for the cruisers.....period.  You'll see.  I'm on a new program with a new team.  I'm totally focused!!  I was a two time US mens national champion.  (Thats the big one) and had lots of international experience.  I'm finally fighting in my proper weight division and that will be problem for the cruiserweight division.  I spar heavyweight and that's what I'm used to.   I will be a champion, whether it's through Steve, or Bell or whoever. I respect those guys as fighters but I won't be stopped!!  Boxing is my LIFE!!



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