B-Talk Hosts The Mosley's Second Exclusive Giveaway!

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B-Talk Hosts The Mosley's Second Exclusive Giveaway!

2 Part Contest, 1 person Getting VERY LUCKY!

The first part of the contest is to send me AKA's for Pedro Fernandez and Steve Kim. While they are calling me Yoko Ono, I want you the fans to come up with even better ones on them. I have some in mind but my attorney has begged me not to reveal them since I have gotten a bit of heat on my article addressing Kim so if one of you comes up with it then I'm Okay. Remember to be efficient and look at their pics to help your imagination even better. Anyone and everyone should enter a name. As long as you enter something your name will go onto a list making you eligible for the grand prize. The person who's final AKA name we pick will recieve a phone call from Shane himself, or if in the area will be allowed to come into his ultra -private training gym and watch him work-out for a half an hour and also recieve a Sugar Shane Mosley t-shirt. Good Luck to all.

It has been brought to my attention that Pidro may not have actually won the golden gloves  4 times as he claims. Last week I had personally and directly e-mailed him and voiced some of my concerns with his sudden interest in me as well as some other related matters. You'd be surprised to know that the usually talkative snap back remarks were replaced with  threats of a lawsuit. Very different than the last time when he publicly displayed Shane's letter and e-mail. I even gave him permission to post my response.

I knew he wouldn't. Shame has a way of pacifying people, hence Pidro has finally shut up.

But because I am now curious as are probably most people who have believed him or things he has written. And because I do not believe that he is indeed or ever was a champion.( I may be wrong.) I have decided that the second part of the contest will be......
The first person who can provide authentic, factual, official documentation from an established sanctioning body of the golden gloves that PIDRO FERNANDEZ had indeed won 4 golden glove championships will be declared the winner. It has to be the Pidro Fernandez we are talking about not another one. In the "unlikely" event no such documentation can be found a name from everyone who entered the AKA contest will be drawn from a hat. Good Luck to all. And remember-----to be eligible for the grand prize you must submit an AKA.

  • 2 RINGSIDE tickets to Shane/Winky 2!
  • Hotel accomodations from Fri 19th- Sun 21st.
  • 2 Credentials to access weigh-in, all press conferences etc.
  • 2 Official team Mosley Sweat suits
  • 2 NEW Custom Black Boxingtalk.com Shirts With White Lettering!
  • Autographed gloves and pic
  • Dinner with the Mosley's
Note: Winner WILL BE Responsible For His Travel To Las Vegas.


SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO gleon@Boxingtalk.net

P.S Thank you Jeff Young for your article. It helps to have someone else decipher why I am coming on record. You are soooo right when you say I have finally had enough. I have sat back for a long time and watched these writer's chew a fighter up. Not just Shane but many many other's. It sickens me to watch them smile up in a fighter's face then turn around and write lies. Look at the commentator on Sat night. Didn't say shit about Roy until he left. They have always gotten away with it because noone has made a big deal but trust me Shane isn't the only one seeing what's going on. As time goes on, you'll see more fighters marking off who they'll speak to.


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