Augustus speaks on latest screwing!

By Michael Doss


Augustus speaks on latest screwing!

Emanuel Augustus contacted Boxingtalk to talk about his highly disputed fight with Arturo Morua on Friday. Read on to see what the tough as nails Augustus had to say about the latest horrendous decision he was on the wrong end of.

So Emanuel, what happened Friday?

EA- Well, first I was fighting a guy who liked to run rather than fight and I realy didnt feel like myself in there, but still felt like I did enough.

BT- Didnt feel like yourself? Is it true that you had the chicken pox going into the fight? Maybe that had something to do with it?

EA- Yeah, I still have it actually, and fought with it but it didnt start getting that bad until then.

BT- Arent you suprised that the commision didnt do anything about this? "Chicken pox is lethal in some cases for men over 18"

EA- Im a fighter, that is what I do, Im not worried about it.

BT- You said before the Jaime Rangel fight that if you lost again you may retire.

EA- I said that, yah but this was bullshit and I still have the fight in me, I will still fight again.
BT- Are you going to file a complaint about the decision?

EA- Oh yeah, me and my team already talked about that and it will be happening soon. This happens to me alot, but Im tired of it now, we will do something about it.


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