Audley Harrison Speaks To Heavyweights


Audley Harrison Speaks To Heavyweights

Press release: Following victory over Robert Wiggins on 18th August 2005 in San Jose, CA, unbeaten heavyweight contender Audley Harrison (19-0, 14KOs) has risen to position 14 in the latest WBC world heavyweight rankings. This is the highest position that Harrison has occupied with the WBC and is a clear indication of his progress. Harrison is also the highest ranked British fighter in the WBC rankings.

After his latest victory, Harrison stated that he was desperate to fight any heavyweight contender in his next fight. Today, Harrison has reiterated that desire as well as commenting on the current heavyweight scene. Harrison had the following to say:

“Following my victory over Robert Wiggins in August, I stated that I wanted to fight a named opponent in my next fight. I am now ranked in position 14 by the WBC and I am willing to fight anyone ranked above me. I am a heavyweight prospect who is willing to fight any of the leading contenders. I am frustrated at the misconception that I am not willing to step up.”

“First things first.  Look at the state of the heavyweight division and tell me that my style will not overcome ALL challengers. And that includes one in particular—Samuel Peter, who is getting all the props for somehow being legitimate.  After beating a washed up fighter like Jeremy Williams, a no-hoper like Yanqui Diaz and Taurus Sykes—who talked a good fight but boxed like a pussycat—he is ranked in the top 10 and talked about like he is the future of the division. This shows how dire the heavyweight situation is right now.”

“My amateur victory over Samuel was an easy points victory. He TRIED to pressure me until he ate my left cross in the second round and just held his position for the remaining time (And no Ivalo, you were not there and I guess Samuel probably left that bit out when he told you the story.)  I boxed smart (which you are allowed to do in boxing) and my style made Samuel look like the novice he was. To be truthful, I don’t see any change from his style back then so I can’t see the result changing. Hopefully, Wladimir doesn’t expose his many weaknesses because I want to be the one to do that.”

“Now back to business.  My last fight should have been against Calvin Brock or Shannon Briggs but both turned the fight down. I know Brock has moved into contender class with his win over McCline.  But holding his position, not fighting another decent fight and just waiting for Vitali Klitschko to “maybe” give him a voluntary defence is fool hardy. Already he has boxed for $25,000 in a non-televised clash against Kenny Craven and now I hear he is boxing off TV once more in his home town against another no name opponent for chicken feed. Come on Brock, accept the challenge! He keeps saying he is the real future of the division, so he should accept the challenge and have no problem taking care of me.”

“And Shannon Briggs.  He should just be happy I am even mentioning his name.  After beating up old man Mercer, I hear he’s trying to get it on with Vinny Madalone. WHAT A JOKE?! No broadcaster should accept this fight as how many more warm-up fights does Shannon need before he wants to fights a real fight? My representatives are still looking to make this match if he wants a real pay day and good exposure on US television. There is no reason not to take a fight with me unless they think I’m going to beat him down – which I will surely do.”

“We have also reached out to Jameel McCline and Monte Barrett.  As of today, they have both not accepted the offer. I must be such a threat if all of these so-called contenders obviously don’t want to share a ring with me.  Recently, Jameel McCline turned down $200,000 to be my next opponent. Jameel is a fighter who thinks if he waits on the sidelines and beats the Steve Pannells of this world, that he will get another title shot. Silly man! He should take this fight and challenge himself. It gives him an opportunity to rectify his dismal performance against Calvin Brock.  I am relishing the challenge of fighting a big heavyweight with a small heart – I will never forget his “bright” eyes against Wladimir Klitschko and I intend to be his worst nightmare if he accepts my challenge.”

“Monte Barrett is the only one with a legitimate reason for not accepting the challenge.  Obviously his cut from his last fight makes him unavailable.  But once he heals, I would expect him to say YES.   I know he is a warrior but he needs to step up after his abysmal performance against The Rock.  Let’s put our skills and our hearts on the line and make a fight that I know will be full of heated exchanges.”

“There’s more too.  Malik Scott, Kirk Johnson—nothing but jokers!  Johnson should accept the challenge, as after his performances against Ruiz and Klitschko he must be itching to prove he’s no yellow belly fraud. Get a decent pay day to take a beating from the future Heavyweight Champion of the World.”

“The world of boxing needs to know that I am ready and willing to step into contender status and fight one of the above named guys in my next fight. An Olympic gold medal is a precursor to greatness and I WILL follow in the footsteps of Ali, Foreman, Frazier and Lewis. But imagine what it will do to the reputation of someone who stops that from happening! However, that person has to get in the ring with me first. I want to prove that I’m the future of the heavyweight division.”