Attorney sends letter to Florida Commission over Margules Boxingtalk interview


Attorney sends letter to Florida Commission over Margules Boxingtalk interview

Dear Director Penley, In his rebuttal letter on in response to my letter to Senator John McCain detailing some of the dealings I have had with Warriors Boxing, Leon Margules refers to Kris Lawrence former “Boss” of Warriors Boxing as a “consultant” to the company.

I would like to point out that according to Florida State Law and the Florida State Boxing Regulations there are provisions for persons acting as promoters, agents, managers, corner man and other boxing related positions to have licenses issued by the State of Florida Boxing Commission (548.017).  Furthermore, these persons are required to submit to background investigations for licensure.  (548.024)  These rules make sense and serve to preserve the integrity of the sport.  Failure to comply with these regulations is a criminal offense.

No where in the Florida boxing statutes is there a provision regarding “consultants”.  In fact rule (548.071) calls for the suspension or revocation of a license if the licensee or permitee “has employed a person who does not hold a license or permit as required by law”.  (548.071) (10).

This is clearly the case as Mr. Lawrence had the executive office at the Warriors Boxing Gym, negotiated contracts, held himself out as the boss, was kept abreast of Warriors Boxing activities and appeared to have all final authority regarding Warriors Boxing.

Thus, I submit to you that Mr. Lawrence’s role as a “consultant” was a mere subterfuge so as to circumuent Florida State Boxing Law.


Michael Joyce
c.c. Senator John McCain

“I Aaron Davis authorize my Attorney Michael Joyce to act as my agent and spokesman in all my dealings with Warriors Boxing Inc.  Furthermore, I never spoke to Leon Margules regarding any matter or statements made or not made about Warriors Boxing Inc., or issues about my contract with Warriors Boxing Inc.”

Aaron Davis