Arum sends Sulaiman letter over WBC contemplating a 60-40 split for Rahman-Toney!

By G. Leon


Arum sends Sulaiman letter over WBC contemplating a 60-40 split for Rahman-Toney!

Attn: Mauricio Sulaiman, This morning I talked by telephone to WBC President Jose Sulaiman who informed me that he has asked the Board of Governors to vote on changing the purse bid split from the mandated 75% to the champion/25% to challenger, to a different split. He suggested to me that the Board of Governors might approve a 60-40 split. When I asked Mr. Sulaiman on what basis a split other than 75-25 would be ordered, he said that he received a letter from James Toney's promoter Dan Goossen allegeding that Toney's purses from recent fight have been in excess of the purses which Rahman has received.

Mr. Sulaiman told me that he circulated Mr. Goossen's letter to the Board of Governors and that he had already received a few votes. I asked Mr. Sulaiman how he could already call for a vote and circulate Mr. Goossen's letter when counsel from the WBC had given Rahman until tomorrow to file his letter, and how can anyone vote on the matter until he received all of the information.

In fact, the average purses which Rahman has received, exceed the average purses of James Toney-a fact that will be pointed out in the Rahman letter to the WBC. Furthermore, there was no reference in any way to the fact that Rahman's purse for the November 12 fight against Klitschko, which was cancelled due to an injury to Klitschko, was $4,200,000 an amount which is four and a half times more than Toney's alleged average purses.

A copy of this contract is already in the WBC files and the Board of Governors should be made aware of this. In the interest of fairness and justice, I request that this letter be forwarded to the Board of Governors and that a new vote be taken after the members of the Board of Governors have the opportuniy to review this letter as well as the Rahman letter which I believe is forthcoming.

Very Truly Yours,

Bob Arum