Archuleta Looks To Capitalize On Tapia Win

By Andy Rivera


Archuleta Looks To Capitalize On Tapia Win

New Mexico boxer Frankie Archuleta collected his biggest win of his career this past March beating former world champion and fellow New Mexican Johnny Tapia. It was a remarkable feet considering Archuleta had lost his previous two fights, to Rocky Juarez and Alejandro Barrera, cousin of Marco Antonio Barrera. This Saturday Archuleta returns to the ring in hi hometown of Las, Vegas, New Mexico. Archuleta will face Jesus Perez; Perez is 21-7-3.

Archuleta who has was slated to face WBC Jr. Featherweight champion Oscar Larios in Albuquerque this past August, in a non-title fight, Archuleta was stricken with food poisoning a week before the fight and pulled out, Archuleta who has been training under the tutelage of Rudy Perez, Marco Antonio’s trainer in Mexico City, became sick in camp. “I ate something that made me weak and ill, I was still training but as the fight was approaching, it was best for me to pull out and not risking fighting under those conditions.” Says Archuleta, who is promoted by Albuquerque based promoter Lenny Fresquez. Archuleta is looking forward to capitalizing on is win over Tapia but won’t be sold short.

In the past few months Tapia’s camp had been in contact with Archuleta’s team in trying to secure a rematch with Archuleta, but Archuleta says the money isn’t right for him at this time. “I beat him and they make an offer that isn’t fair, plus at this time I can go do other things”. Archuleta is also upset that Tapia hasn’t give him his dues when he defeated him. Tapia’s camp states he was ill the whole week prior to the fight, but Archuleta sees it differently. “He became ill after I beat him after the fight. He had a big money fight with Wayne McCullough in the works, so why wouldn’t he pull out if he was sick. He tried to make himself throw up after the fight for the media but deep down he knows I beat him fair and square.”

Archuleta says they were offered to fight Tapia this past weekend in Glendale, Arizona on the Tzsyu/Mitchell card, but the offer wasn’t good. “I will fight Tapia again, but I think I should get a little more then they are offering. Tapia is a big draw but I beat hi and that should count for something. On the prospects of fighting him in Albuquerque, Tapia’s hometown Archuleta sees things not changing. “It doesn’t matter where we fight, the same thing will happen, I will win. Tapia says he wants to retire after he beats me in a rematch, either way he can retire, but it will be with a loss.”

In preparation for his fight with Perez, Archuleta has had a little change of scenery, rather train in Mexico City with Rudy Perez (no relation his opponent), Archuleta has trained the past two weeks in Albuquerque with Luis Chavez, Perez had to be in camp with Marco Antonio Barrera as he is preparing to battle Erik Morales November 27th. Chavez has trained Archuleta in the past and the two are on good terms, in fact Chavez last trained Archuleta when he lost to Alejandro Barrera, coincidently Archuleta and Barrera have sparred several time since in Mexico.

The future looks bright for Archuleta, who is currently ranked # by the WBC and has had offers to fight Scott Harrison in Scotland for his WBO title, but Archuleta and his management will take the best option for Archuleta. The future looks bright for a fighter that many thought was done after Rocky Juarez stopped him in May of 2003, but after defeating Tapia the doors are wide open, let’s just hope he takes full advantage of it. would like to thank Frankie Archuleta and wish him good luck this weekend.


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