Apti "The Giant" Davtaev back in Grozny, faces Daniel Martz on September 19th

By G. Leon


Apti "The Giant" Davtaev back in Grozny, faces Daniel Martz on September 19th

Davtaev targeting Charles Martin, Pulev, Kownacki, focused on next bout

Greg Leon: How is everything going in preparation for your September 19th bout vs Daniel Martz?  AD: Training is going great I am in Vegas at training camp. My opponent will be Daniel Martz  GL: What do you know about him as a fighter? Have you seen him at all? AD: I know he is experienced another step for me towards the heavyweight world title  
GL: You're 30 years old now, when will you get a fight that will really catch the American public's attention, the kind of fight that will propel you to the next level? 
AD: I trained in the US for more then a year after this fight I hope to have a significant one in the US.  The Heavyweight division is wide open and I can’t wait to make my mark!   
GL: Who do you feel would be the best fight for you to take that one giant step towards a title fight?
AD: I would like a fight with Charles Martin, Kurbat Pulev, Adam Kownacki anyone in top 10. 
GL: What do you feel like you've improved on the most over the last year?
AD: My over all abilities jab, foot work , controlling distance.  I trained with Sugar Hill for more then a year and he definitely improved me as a fighter all around.
GL: Who do you like in the Ruiz-Joshua rematch?
AD: good fight I think Joshua can win the rematch but you never know. 
GL: Will Visner go the distance?
AD: I am training to go the distance but want the knockout.
GL: Closing thoughts for the fans?
AD: I look forward to September 19th! 

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