Antonio Margarito: "Cotto has never faced a natural welterweight!"

By Michael Gonzalez


Antonio Margarito: "Cotto has never faced a natural welterweight!"

BT: Tell us about your win over Cintron. "Well, like I said before, I put all my confidence in my preparation.  Everything worked out as we thought it would and we left with our arm raised.  I came prepared and I demonstrated it."

BT: Was that the result you expected?         

AM: No, in reality I don't go for the knockout.  As I've said I prepare in case the knockout doesn't come, but it came on its own.

BT: Did you notice a difference in Cintron from the last fight?

AM: No, actually, no difference.  I know he came very well prepared because he took a lot of shots.  But when he started slugging with me, he made it an easy fight for me.

BT: When did you know you had him?

AM: From the second round on I felt he let up a bit.  Then he started feeling my shots. That's when we knew we had it.

BT: Did you feel his shots? 

AM: Actually, no.  Various clean shots got through but nothing that you can say moved me.

BT: You must have an iron chin to take those kinds of shots? 

AM: The whole world tells me that, and I think I do, but I don't rely on it.  In every fight I try to avoid getting hit to gain an advantage.

BT: What was going through your mind when you were motioning for Cintron to get up?

AM: Well, actually it was because of all the talking he was doing.  I don't talk.  I do my talking in the ring.  That's why I did it.  Just like he said he was going to knock me out, I told him to get up so I could give him another beating.

BT: Next up is Miguel Cotto.  What's going to separate you from him?

AM: First of all, I don't think he's ever faced a natural welterweight.  Or someone who will stand and slug with him and pressure him like I will.

BT: What do you have to look out for against Cotto?

AM: Everything at this level.

BT: What do you want to say in closing?       

AM: As always I dedicate my fights to my fans, thank you for your support. 


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