Andy "Kaos" Kolle: "Andre is gonna be in for a surprise"

By Cory Rapacz


Andy "Kaos" Kolle: "Andre is gonna be in for a surprise"

Boxingtalk's Cory Rapacz recently caught up with Andy "Kaos" Kolle who will be fighting Andre Ward on HBO this weekend on the undercard of Raheem-Freitas. Check out what he had to say as he looks to pull off the upset.

CR:  Andy, thanks for joining us on boxingtalk today.  First of all, a lot of fans aren't very familiar with your boxing career.  The Ward fight will be their first chance to see you on a national scale.  I've seen nearly every one of your professional fights live and know you are the real deal, but can you tell the fans what to expect from Andy Kolle this weekend?

AK: Thanks a lot I appreciate that Cory. The fans can expect to see a determined fighter coming to win and will not be happy with anything less then a victory.

CR:  Obviously most boxing fans are aware of who Andre Ward is and what he accomplished at the amatuer level.  What made you decide that now was the time to accept a fight of this stature, and do you believe you are ready or do you wish you could have waited for a couple more fights?

AK: I am 100% ready and personally don’t feel that there would have been a better time. I have had an intense camp and feel ready physically and mentally. Anything that Andre brings to the table I am going to be ready for. We’ve done our homework and come April 29th Andre is gonna be in for a surprise.

CR: Ward has looked shaky in his last couple of fights as I'm sure you are aware of.  There was the knockdown by Darnell Boone and the lackluster performance against Kendall Gould.  Do you believe that Ward will be feeling the pressure of having to put on a good performance on HBO, and do you think this will work to your advantage?

AK: Ya, I think the pressure will be on him a little more in the sense of the media and everybody’s expectations. He knows that he needs a knockout to win over the fans so that might change the way he starts the fight. This could definitely play into my game plan if he starts getting sloppy.

CR:  You have a great promotional and training team of Sharky Promotions out of Duluth, MN.  How has your trainer Chuck "Sharky" Horton gotten you ready for this fight?  I've heard you have had to make a lot of sacrafices to make sure you're at your best.

AK: I am fully confident in my team. Sharky is a great trainer and a manager that cares about me and always has my best interests in mind. Chuck has pushed me to my limits every time we train together to get me ready physically and mentally. Every fighter has to make sacrifices in order to be successful. I have been coming from Fargo ND, to Duluth MN (which is a 500 mile  round trip) once a week and spending about five days in Duluth before going back to North Dakota where I try to get all my school work taken care of for the week before heading back. Fortunately my teachers at North Dakota State University have been really helpful so I can take time off from school to focus on this huge opportunity.

CR:  How does seeing your stablemate Zach Walters take a big step in his career this past weekend motivate you?  It kind of seems as if you and Zach have been a team helping each other better your careers.

AK: That is a huge motivation for me. Zach did an awesome job by overcoming adversity to take out a very tough veteran. Zach and I started boxing together in Fergus Falls MN 11 years ago and have been trained by the same coaches, the late Charles Elliott and now Chuck Horton. Ever since the beginning we have been pushing each other to be best.

CR:  A lot of the doubters are saying, "Andy Kolle is just another guy from Minnesota flying out to lose to Andre Ward."  The previous examples being Minnesota middleweights Kenny Kost and Chris Holt losing to Ward on national television.  Personally I know that isn't the case, but can you explain to the fans why they should view Andy Kolle as a threat to Andre Ward and not treat this fight as just another "display of Andre Ward's skills?"  How do you think he'll handle your southpaw style?

AK: I am in no way coming to lay down for Ward, I am coming to fight and know deep in my heart that have the right tools to get the job done. I am a threat to Andre because of my style he has not fought a fighter like me as a professional. I think I have the power and the determination to do be his first loss. I would not have taken this fight if I didn’t KNOW I can win.

CR:  Alright Andy thanks for joining us today here on Boxingtalk?  Is there anything you want to say in closing to your fans and those who will be seeing you on HBO for the first time this weekend?

AK: Thanks for having me. All I can say to my fans is be prepared for an upset this weekend. I am ready to prove myself as a legitimate middleweight prospect in this sport. I hope the fans enjoy the show. I know with the help of the Lord I will take home the victory.


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