Andrey Tsurkan Promises Exciting Fight While Defeating Feliciano

By Darren Nichols


Andrey Tsurkan Promises Exciting Fight While Defeating Feliciano

BoxingTalk:  Andrey, how is preparation going for your upcoming fight with Jesse Feliciano? Andrey Tsurkan:  I’m working hard like ususal.  I know Feliciano is a tough kid.   We’re going to work the body and throw the jab.

BoxingTalk:  What are you guys working on in the gym to prepare for Feliciano?

Andrey Tsurkan:  We’re working on strict boxing discipline.  I get up early in the morning, run five to seven miles and then we spar.

BoxingTalk:  What do you feel is your biggest advantage over Feliciano coming into this fight?

Andrey Tsurkan:  My pressure and my jab.

BoxingTalk:  What type of fight should fans expect to see from you and Feliciano?

Andrey Tsurkan:   It will be a very exciting fight, I promise you.

BoxingTalk:  What did you take away from your last fight with Yuri Foreman that will help you in this fight?

Andrey Tsurkan:  I learned nothing in that fight.  It was a bulls—t fight.  What else do I have to do to win the fight.  People know what they get when the see me.  They want to see action.  People don’t want to see running.  That’s why people come to see me fight.

BoxingTalk:  Do you feel your power will be the deciding factor in this fight?

Andrey Tsurkan:  My power will dominate.  Feliciano is coming from 140, while I’m coming from 154, and I’m on weight.

BoxingTalk:  What should Feliciano be most concerned about when the bell rings to get your fight with him underway?

Andrey Tsurkan:  He should be worried about everything.  I’m Russian.  I live in the gym.  It’s my house.  It’s my home.  I train every day.  I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and he’s got to be worried about everything.

BoxingTalk:  How do you see this fight playing out with Feliciano and what is your prediction?

Andrey Tsurkan:  It will be a 10-round decision victory for me.


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