Andre Berto wants to fight Arturo Gatti in July!

By G. Leon


Andre Berto wants to fight Arturo Gatti in July!

Shamrba Mitchell? For what?

GL: What's the latest and greatest with Andre Berto? "We're probably looking at getting back in there on HBO sometime in June. Hopefully it will be against a top ten contender."

GL: If you're working for June I'm sure you'd be ready to fight in July. Personally I don't think it's too much too soon, but how would you feel about fighting Gatti in Atlantic City on HBO in July?

Andre Berto: "I would love to make it happen. I believe it's a fight that all of the fans would love to see and it would definitely be a tremendous fight. I have a lof of respect for Gatti, but it would be my night. It's the kind of fight that I'm looking forward if we can get it done for this summer. I would love it."

GL: Do you think you'd be able to deal with the hostile environment of having to fight him in Atlantic City?

AB: "It's no secret that he's got a huge following in Atlantic City, but at the end of the day it's just me and him in there. None of them can fight for him, but I think it would be a tremendous fight for the fans and for the crowd in Atlantic City."

GL: Do you consider Gatti a shot fighter?

AB: "Nah. I think he's accomplished a lot of things, but his time is slowly but surely withering down. It's time for a new generation of guys to come up and I believe that's me in the welterweight division."

GL: You said his time is withering down, would him time be up if he fought you?

AB: "Maybe. If they end up making it happen it would be a great fight but he would be taking a big risk if he did it."

GL: Does Gatti go twelve rounds with you?

AB: "I'm not trying to be cocky but I know what I can do and I know what he can do so there's no way I see him holding up for all twelve rounds."

GL: Beating Gatti would put you on the fast track to fight guys like Mosley and Cotto, does that concern you?

AB:"I'm already getting that now. They're already talking about me with those guys. I want to make a statement this year and I think a fight with Gatti would answer a lot of questions and show a lot of people what I'm capable of. I'm bringing a new young face to the welterweight division."

GL: Sharmba Mitchell told me that Gatti's people turned him down. I mentioned your name as a possibility and he dismissed you as someone not worth fighting. How do you feel about his remarks?

AB:" Sharmba Mitchell....For What?"


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