Andre Berto: 2009 I'm in Beast Mode

By G. Leon


Andre Berto: 2009 I'm in Beast Mode

GL: What's the latest and greatest? "I'm back home on Boxingtalk, I'm working my ass of in Miami and I'm getting back in there on January 17. I'm here in Miami Beach getting it popping and I'm going to be ready for Luis Collazo."

GL: Have you began to do homework on Collazo? How will you deal with his slick southpaw style?

Andre Berto: "He's definitely a slick southpaw, but I adapt to southpaws pretty well. I've sparred hundreds and hundreds of rounds with probably the best southpaw in the game, Winky Wright and pretty much I like fighting southpaws. Every southpaw, I've fought I've stopped. I know he's slick, so I'm working all angles and I'm really excited about it."

GL: Do you consider Collazo a step up from Forbes?

AB: "Yes I do. Every fight at this point is a step up. Forbes is a slick fighter and he was a good test for me, but they're going to throw some more tests at me before I step up to the big names. He's basically just like Forbes, but backwards. It's just going to be another good night for me to go out there and prove myself."

GL: What did you think about the Pacquaio-De La Hoya fight?

AB: "The Pacquiao-De La Hoya fight was a wonderful fight man. Pacquiao basically just ran through him. His awkwardness and rhythm got to Oscar. He didn't use the jab and he couldn't get off."

GL: Did Pacquiao stopping him surprise you?

AB: "It actually did. I put it together though after the fight with Forbes and everytime Forbes threw a nice combination he was hitting Oscar pretty easily. I also knew that if he was vulnerable like that with Pacquiao it was going to be a long night for him and that's just what happened."

GL: Does Collazo being naturally bigger than Forbes make this a more difficult fight?

AB: "Nah. I've been fighting bigger guys and I started my career at 154. I'm used to being in there with fighters my size or bigger than me."

GL: In your opinion did Collazo defeat Ricky Hatton?

AB: "Yes. He did enough down the stretch and he hurt Ricky Hatton a few times. I think he should have gotten the nod."

GL: Is Collazo going the distance with you?

AB: "You're going to have to tune into to HBO on January 17 to find out. But it's going down baby."

GL: What does a victory over Collazo mean to you?

AB: "It means that I'm going to be stepping it up to the elite class of fighters. This is my mandatory defense and when I get this out of the way, we're going to be looking at the biggest fights in my division."

GL: Closing thoughts?

AB: "I've been in camp getting this work in and I'm going to continue to give y'all great performances. Be sure to tune into HBO on January 17. I've been a nice guy for a while, but I'm going to start giving Greg Leon what he wants in 2009 and I'm calling all these guys out. It's going to be time to pull the sheets off these guys and get them in the ring with me. I'm making huge statements in 09. I'm going to be in the ring with these guys and I'm not going to outpoint these guys, I'm going to stop these guys. 09 is Beast Mode!"