Allen Conyers is looking for a date

By Socrates Palmer Jr


Allen Conyers is looking for a date

On February 7th Allen Conyers was brought in by Oklahoma match makers to be a step up opponent, for the then undefeated Derek Ennis. In a matter of about 5 minutes the Philadelphian Ennis went from walking into the ring unblemished to being knocked out and cradled by referee Garry Ritter. That night Ennis suffered his first pro loss and for Conyers it was Carpe Diem. The Bronx born and bred Conyers, says that up to this point it’s the biggest win in his career. With his latest victory Conyers has put his contemporaries on notice.

“Since that win it’s hard to get fights. If you stand toe to toe with me you’re going to get knocked out. If you run and try to be cute, I’ll catch you. Ask in any gym people know me. I’m willing to give these dudes my purse, if that will make them fight me,” Conyers.

Conyers may be the boxing equivalent of an aspiring rapper who is yet to be signed by a major record distributor. It’s an ironic analogy since, Conyers, is a 1st cousin of the late Hip Hop legend “Big Pun.” Conyers who goes by the moniker “The Dream Shatter” feels that he may have looked too good because he has not fought since that February. Originally Conyers was scheduled to be part of this past weekend ESPN’s Friday Night Fights. The fight card that was promoted by Joe Deguardia’s Star Boxing, was held at the Paradise Theatre, in the Bronx. Conyers was not a part of the 6 bout card. However the show went on sans Conyers, but it makes you scratch your head that a fighter, who lives 10 minutes away from the venue, was not put on this card.

“How are you going to be ranked #14 in the world and pull out of a fight?” Conyers.

Conyers has questioned the legitimacy of Ouali rankings and thinks that he was just simply given some wise advice, to prevent a loss. Conyers said it’s laughable that he who only owns an 11-2 record, with 9 K.O.’s is chasing around someone who 21-2 and ranked by the WBC. According to Deguardia, “Prince” Ouali was unavailable.

“I’m just frustrated man, I train hard and I put the time in the gym and whenever a fight falls through its disheartening. I was hoping that he (Ouali) was going to step up and be a man. It was going to be a bad night for him and the fight was not going to go the judges,” Conyers.

Conyers falls under the category of a high risk opponent with little reward. Along with his defining win on Shobox, Conyers has been carving his niche on the New York scene, by training and sparring with the likes of former world champions, Sharba Mitchell, Arturo Gatti, Luis Collazo and former world title challenger Joshua Clottey. Conyers says that working with boxers of that caliber and having good showings against them is evident that he’s a world class fighter. Conyers said that a lot of networks like to hype up fighters who have yet to prove their mettle. “The Dream Shatter” would like an opportunity to fight Andre Berto, whom he referred to as a good fighter, but one who is small and has basic skills. He knows that Berto is slated to have a tough fight with David Estrada, and says he’d like to fight the winner. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is also on his radar. Nevertheless Conyers is not just calling out welterweights. Conyers told Boxingtalk, that he is willing to drop down to as low as 144 pounds and is also willing to go up to junior middleweight if there was a fight up there that would make sense for him. He says that maybe that type of maneuver might make him appear a little less of a threat.

“I know there are a lot of politics in boxing, because this is a business as well as a sport but Showtime should bring me back, if they read this they can make things happen. Maybe your favorite welterweight might be ducking me. I’m a throwback, I’ll fight anyone. Shamone Alvarez why won’t he fight me? Hatton’s brother, Larry Mosley whoever,” Conyers.

For the 31 year old Conyers like so many other working class fighters will simply just have to continue to play wait and see. Conyers knows that time is of the essence; he says that his promoter Bob Duffy and his manager are trying their best, to get him fights.

“You’re not going to catch me out of shape. I’m still doing my running, this just fuels me, I don’t just fight for me or for titles I fight for my daughter she’s my professional inspiration,” Conyers.

“I really believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m destined to be a world champion. I’m willing to fight anyone, Socrates. No one trains harder than me. Who ever I fight is going to sleep, that’s real talk. I’m the truth,” Conyers.


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