Allan Green: Lacy is scared, Manfredo's people know better!

By G. Leon


Allan Green: Lacy is scared, Manfredo's people know better!

GL: Congrats on your victory. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance? "My performance, like I told everybody I gave him a systematic beating. But I gave myself about a C. I really need rest even before the fight but I looked at it as a good opportunity so I took it. I originally planned on resting after the Bonsante fight. But I fought two fights after that, I give myself a C. Even though I was extremely effective I only give myself a C because of how I felt physically."

GL: What are you hoping the stoppage over Ravelo does for your career?

AG: "That remains to be seen because everytime I fight I hear a lot of things. After this fight I should be catapulted into championship status or this or that. Hopefully this victory will do it, but who knows? I just know that from this moment on I'm out of the business of signing prospects and suspects I'm in the business of making bigger fights."

GL: There were some talks of you and Jeff Lacy getting it on. He'll be fighting on HBO December 2, and has no opponent officially solidified would you be ready in time to fight Lacy on Decembe 2 or would that be too soon?

AG: "Nah. Honestly, I would still beat him if I fought him on that date. I wouldn't be at my best but I would still beat him. But I think that I'm going to stick with my original plan and rest. Me and Jeff were supposed to fight before, I came to the table accepted their offer and he withdrew himself from the negotiation. Then he says things like why doesn't Allan Green get a bigger name, Allan Green doesn't have a big enough name but then he fights guys that nobody knows. He fights Rubin Williams and now I've been hearing he could be fighting Yusaf Mack on HBO so I don't understand what Jeff means by that."

GL: There's been a lot of talk about Peter Manfredo Jr fighting Roy Jones Jr or Joe Calzaghe in his next fight. Don't you feel it's more natural for the two of you to fight following impressive wins on the same card?

AG: "You would think that, but if his people are smart...but they wouldn't do that. I have nothing bad to say about Peter, but everybody with some common sense knows how a fight with him and me would go."

GL: Some Boxingtalk readers might not have much common sense, can you tell them how it would go down?

AG: "Put it like this, it wouldn't be the best thing for him to fight me. It would probably be the worst match-up for him. But Peter doesn't need me and he's making some good money fighting on the circuit that he's on. Power to him and everything they're doing over there. The people making his decisions are probably never going to make me a part of his future plans."

GL: When can we expect to see you back in the ring?

AG: "I would say sometime in January, probably late January. As of November 6, I've been a professional for four years and I've only had like five weeks of rest. I'm going ot take a month off and give myself some time to rest my body."


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