Against Juan Diaz, Julio Diaz is Not Going to Pull a "Freitas"

By Darren Nichols


Against Juan Diaz, Julio Diaz is Not Going to Pull a "Freitas"

"I knew Juan was going to throw punches in bunches until Freitas quit. He’s not facing a quitter in me."

On October 13th, the IBF lightweight champion Julio "the Kidd" Diaz gets his long-awaited chance to unify three titles at 135 pounds.  He's going up against the undefeated WBA/WBO champion Juan "the Baby Bull" Diaz in a fight easily could be candidate for "Fight of the Year."  Boxingtalk spoke with Julio Diaz recently to get his thoughts about facing Juan Diaz, why he feels he has the advantage coming into the fight, and what his plan is once he unifies the titles. (Editor's note: many consider Joel Casamayor the legitimate world champion at 135 due to his win over lineal champ Diego Coralles).

BT:  Julio, what’s the latest on your fight with Juan Diaz?

Julio Diaz:  It looks like it’s a go.  Now we’re just looking for a location, but it’s set for October 13th on HBO Boxing After Dark.

BT:  Have you seen a contract yet, and if so has it been signed?

Julio Diaz:  Yeah. We signed a week ago.  I’m definitely happy with the terms that we agreed to.  Thank God, because I was getting frustrated, but it was worth the wait, and we got our fight.  I don’t need a payday.  I’m looking to take two steps up in facing Juan Diaz, not like if faced Nate Campbell, which would be like taking a step down.

BT:  What did you think about Juan’s performance against Acelino Freitas?

Julio Diaz:  I think Juan Diaz had a great performance.  He did what he always does, and it worked for him.  Not to take away from his victory, but I knew Juan was going to throw punches in bunches until Freitas quit. He’s not facing a quitter in me.

BT:  How do you see that fight playing out once you get in the ring with him?

Julio Diaz:  I could box him out, but who knows?  We haven’t set up a plan yet, but I know it’s going to be a great fight.  He’s a fighter, and he doesn’t come to play around.  I’m going to take him very seriously.

BT:  What do you feel is your biggest advantage coming into the ring with Juan that will help you get a victory against him?

Julio Diaz:  I think my power, my skill, and being an awkward boxer puncher.  I think the strength of my experience will come in the later rounds.  There’s nothing Juan can bring to me that I haven’t seen already.  There’s a lot of things Juan hasn’t seen that I’m going to show him.

BT:  Will you train any differently for Juan then you have for any of your other fights?

Julio Diaz:  Nothing different.  Everything the same.  Our main priority is to have intense training and physical conditioning.  I have all the natural tools I need for this fight.  Juan is a warrior who will be in front of me all the time, and I have to be ready for that, which shouldn’t be a problem.

BT:  What is the main reason why you want to face Diaz?

Julio Diaz:  One of the main reasons I want to win this fight is to give people opportunities to those who have worked as hard as I have.  I’ve tried giving Joel Casamayor a chance but it’s obvious he doesn’t want to fight me.  He never even responded to my comments.


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