After Defeating Guinn, Fast Eddie is Ready for more Heavies

By Darren Nichols


After Defeating Guinn, Fast Eddie is Ready for more Heavies

"I can fight anyone in this division... I showed what I could do by defeating Guinn."

BoxingTalk:  Eddie, congratulations on your win over Dominick Guinn two weeks ago.  How do you rate your performance overall?

Eddie Chambers:  I’d give myself a “C.”  Once I got in there and saw how the fight was going I feel I should have performed a little more, but it was good fight and a good test for me.  I just have to be ready for the high level of competition next time.

BoxingTalk:  At what point into the fight did you know you had this fight won?

Eddie Chambers:  In the first round I knew Guinn was someone I could handle.  He proved that he could fight, but I knew I could control the fight with my speed and my jab as well as my power.  I should have stepped and closed the show though.

BoxingTalk:  What do you feel this win did for your career?

Eddie Chambers:  It’s put me at the top of the up and coming class of fighters.  I wish I could have done a better job, but he came to fight, and I fought the best Guinn possible.

BoxingTalk:  Was there anything Guinn offered in the ring that surprised you?

Eddie Chambers:  I knew he had a decent amount of speed, and his jab caught me a couple times.  He did impress me with his will and his ability to keep coming.

BoxingTalk:  Guinn was definitely the most experienced opponent you have faced so far.  Who would you like to face next to prove your staying power in the heavyweight division?

Eddie Chambers:  I have to fight a top ten guy now, a named guy that will get more people looking at me.

BoxingTalk:  When do you think you and your team will feel ready for a major world title shot?

Eddie Chambers:  We have time.  I’m a fairly young fighter. I’ll fight a few more fights, but if someone wants to test me then I’ll be ready.  But I don’t want to sneak up on the heavyweight division, I want people to know I’m coming.

BoxingTalk:  What statement do you think you made to the heavyweight division by defeating Guinn?

Eddie Chambers:  I showed that I can compete in the top level.  He’s been in almost every fight, but he’s had a few tough breaks.  I’ve proven that I can fight anyone in this division, and I showed what I could do by defeating Guinn.



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