Adios Phoenix TV Azteca Line-up!


Adios Phoenix TV Azteca Line-up!

PRESS RELEASE: Here are the televised bouts for 'Adios Phoenix' which will be available on TV Azteca on Saturday, Sept. 17, 7 pm pacific. This is a scheduled two-hour telecast although it can expand an additional 30 minutes if necessary.

Bout #1
Jesus 'El Martillo' Gonzales, 17-0, vs. Jose Luis Zertuche, 15-2-2, middleweights, 12 rounds

Bout #2
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., 21-0, vs. Corey Alarcon, 12-10, super lightweights, 6 rounds

Bout #3
Julio Cesar Chavez, 107-5-2, vs. Grover Wiley, 29-6-1, super lightweights, 10 rounds

The weigh-in is today, Friday, 10 am at the America West Arena. There are a total of 10 bouts on this card. First bell Saturday at the America West  is 5:20 pm local time. The credential pickup area is the Media Entrance at 3rd and Jefferson.