Acri Speaks On Trinidad-Mayorga And Spaddy's Arrest

By Andy Levine


Acri Speaks On Trinidad-Mayorga And Spaddy's Arrest

Yesterday I had a chance to speak briefly with Paul Spadafora’s promoter, Mike Acri, about the New York Athletic Commission’s sanctioning of the Mayorga/Trinidad fight as well as Spadafora’s Sunday night arrest for public drunkenness.  Regarding Spadafora, Acri said, “On his birthday of all days, he got caught off the wagon.  He went to a party with a bunch of people and he just fell off.  It may have been the stress from finding out that day that he had to have surgery on his elbow.” 

I then asked Acri to elaborate on the injury. “He’s got bone spurs in his elbow.  He knew he had them six or seven months ago and kept trying to do ultrasound and electricity, but the last fight he wasn’t really feeling his left hand.  So now he’s got to have the surgery and that will push his schedule back some.”  As far as Spadafora’s trial date, “The trial will proceed October 18.”

Regarding the New York Athletic Commission, “Its funny that you ask that because two prominent lawyers asked me if I was interested in taking this case and I said ok.  So we’re considering it.  It’s a possibility.  My opinion is like everyone else’s.  How did they do it?  The latest claim is that King knew Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, and he made some claim.  It’s just crazy.”  Boxingtalk is scheduled to speak with Paul Spadafora on Friday.  


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