Abraham willing to face Miranda again!


Abraham willing to face Miranda again!

IBF middleweight champion Arthur Abraham has been surprised to hear that Edison Miranda can´t wait to get back in the ring with him - as if the "Battle of Wetzlar" was not enough of a lesson for the Colombian.

"King Arthur" (22-0, 17 KOs) proved his lion heart last September when he superbly outboxed his opponent despite fighting with a broken jaw for the last eight rounds.

The incredible performance has seen Abraham´s popularity explode in Europe, proving his determination, fighting spirit and pure boxing genius.

Abraham, who will return to the ring in April to make a voluntary defense, is happy to hand the Colombian mandatory challenger another beating in June.

"I can´t believe you still want to fight me, Eddie," Abraham vowed. "You are a laughing stock not just in Germany but all over the world. Remember, I took you to school even though I had my jaw broken twice. And I still dominated you. Just imagine what I will do to you when I am at 100 percent."

Miranda was not just unable to finish Abraham off - he also shocked the boxing fans with his unsporting behaviour. He had deducted several points for low blows and head butts.

"When you realized you could not beat me you tried every little dirty trick that is in the book," Abraham added. "But it did not help. There is no stopping me. I beat you once and I will beat you again."

Miranda most recently vowed to "hunt" Abraham down to get a rematch in June.

"You should have tried to hunt me down in the ring," the champion replied. "(You say) `I can run but I can´t hide`? Well, looks like you can talk but you can´t fight."

In fact, it could be Miranda who is hiding. According to rumours, his promoters are negotiating a fight for a vacant title once Jermain Taylor moves up to super-middleweight.

"Don´t try to hide," Abraham added. "Let´s show the world next summer who is the best. If you don´t show up, we know that you are a coward."