Abraham to Marquez: "Maybe you should become a doctor after Nov. 8th"


Abraham to Marquez: "Maybe you should become a doctor after Nov. 8th"

Press Release: King Arthur Abraham claims there is no reason for Raul Marquez to be worried about the IBF middleweight champion's weight. The two fighters will clash in Bamberg on November 8th, five weeks later than originally planned after Abraham got the flu on the day of the bout. Earlier this week, Marquez said in a statement: “Maybe he was sick but, if he really was, it was because of what he had to do to make weight. If he really was sick it would have taken him two weeks to get back to where he was. Four weeks isn’t going to help him if he’s having trouble making 160 pounds.”

King Arthur believes there is no need to worry for the challenger. “I want to thank Marquez for his medical diagnosis. Maybe he can work as a doctor once I have defeated him. I know for a fact that he will not be the new IBF middleweight champion, so it might be wise to think of an alternative career. I know he has worked as a TV commentator, but if he likes to share his thoughts on weight problems, he should try and land a job with Weight Watchers!”

Abraham claims he will be in top shape come November 8. “I was unfortunate to get sick but there is nothing you can do about it,” he added. “It just happens. I have fully recovered and quickly returned to practice. Everything has been going fine and I will be in great form next week.”

King Arthur also stressed that he is not looking past Marquez. “From day one it has been my goal to become super-champion and unify the titles,” King Arthur said. “But I am well aware that I will only get the chance if I beat Marquez on November 8. That is why my full focus is on him.”