Abraham lashes back at Miranda


Abraham lashes back at Miranda

Abraham: "Miranda should tell his problems to his psychologist"

Press Release: King Arthur Abraham yesterday started his ten-day training camp on a small island in the Baltic Sea to prepare for the June 21, 2008 showdown with Edison Miranda. The IBF middleweight champion, unbeaten in 26 fights (21 KOs), admitted he is already counting the days until his highly-anticipated US debut. “Things have been going great in practice,” he said. “I am looking forward to the rematch with Miranda.”

Back in September 2006, King Arthur clinched a unanimous points victory over the Colombian even though he had his jaw broken twice and lost over a quart of blood.

Miranda most recently tried to drag his opponent into a war of words when he launched a stinging attack on the 28-year-old German. “I do not think he is a good boxer at all, or a real champion. I will hunt him down like a wounded pig and slaughter him. Abraham won´t hear the final bell on June 21st,” was among the nicer things he said.

But Abraham could not care less about Miranda's latest comments. He stated, “does anyone really care about what Miranda says? He should tell his psychologist about his problems. Had I failed to beat a man who has his jaw broken twice, I would have retired immediately and would rather work as a night watchman.”

Meanwhile, coach Ulli Wegner is optimistic King Arthur´s US debut will be a successful one. “The last time Miranda clearly lost on points. This time Arthur will knock him out,” he predicted.