By Darren Nichols



"I know that I have to impose my will and my experience."

BoxingTalk:  Carlos, first of all congratulations on your win last month against Sean Plessis.  What do you feel you took away from that fight?

Carlos Hernandez:  It was a good come back fight for me.  I felt off during the fight, but we got the rounds in and I feel happy about that.  We got the job done, and we’re going to take that into the next fight.

BoxingTalk:  The last time we talked, you mentioned that your next fight will be on September 14th.  Can you give us any further details about that fight?

Carlos Hernandez:  I hear it will be at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas against Michael Lozada.  This guy is not bad.  He’s a tough character, a David Diaz type fighter.  It’s going to be a good fight for me because he’s strong, and I want to see where I’m at. I’ve been training with some pretty good gym rats from Mexico and they’re also some pretty tough characters.  With my hard training in the gym, I should be better in my next fight then I was in my last, and I expect that.  I always want to be better in my next fight then I was in my last.

BoxingTalk:  What advantage do you feel you will have in your fight against Lozada?

Carlos Hernandez:  My experience.  Losada just turned pro a few years ago, so he’s still a kid.  I know that I have to impose my will and my experience in this fight.  I have to become even more aware when I get into the ring with these younger guys who want a shot at a named opponent.

BoxingTalk:  You have mentioned to me before that you want to move up 5 pounds to the lightweight division.  Will your next fight be at 135?

Carlos Hernandez:   Yes, this fight will be at lightweight, and I want to position myself to fight the new WBC Lightweight Interim Champion David Diaz.

BoxingTalk:  How do feel the five extra pounds will affect you in the ring?

Carlos Hernandez:  Hopefully it won’t affect me, it will affect my opponent.

BoxingTalk:  Will adding the five pounds make you stronger?

Carlos Hernandez:  I believe that by fighting at 135, that I will be in the division that I should be in.  If there is a big fight at 130, then I can sacrifice to fight at 130 again but 135 is a great weight for me at this point in my career.

BoxingTalk:  I know that you saw the fight with your stable mate Jose Santa Cruz go up against David Diaz this past weekend.  What are your thoughts of their fight last Saturday?

Carlos Hernandez:  It’s a shame that Santa Cruz lost, but he got caught with that one good shot.  Diaz was resilient throughout the whole fight and he would not let up.  If we were to face each other down the road it would be a tremendous fight because of our styles.  I think the fans would be happy with either one of us winning the fight, because they would have just witnessed a great fight.

BoxingTalk:  Coming off your win from last month, are you using the same training regimen that you did against Plessis, or are you working on things in the gym that is specific to Losada?

Carlos Hernandez:  I’m training to be a better fighter.  It’s not just for Lozada, it’s for me.  It’s for me to be at my best.  When I fought Bobby Pacquiao and Jesus Chavez, I trained one way but they changed their style when we got into the ring.  I’ve learned now that I have to be at my best and adapt.  I’m a fighter, and I need to be able to adapt.

BoxingTalk:  What type of fight are you expecting from Lozada?

Carlos Hernandez:  It’s going to be a tough fight.  He’s Mexican fighter, so I expect a tough go, but in the end I expect to win.


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