By Matt Winsper



Amir Khan TKO1 Ryan Barrett... Amir Khan has done little wrong in his opening nine professional fights. England's Olympic silver medallist despatched another foe, this time before his adoring fans in hometown Bolton as he blew away capable Ryan Barrett, who was 12-2-1 (3) coming in.
Barrett, who had never been stopped and was only one notch below British title level, was felled by a double right hand from Khan just a minute in, and following two more knockdowns from lightning quick combinations, was halted by the referee with more than a minute of the opener remaining.
Barrett, a rangy southpaw who actually looked down on Khan as they touched gloves before the fight, was expected to take unbeaten Khan a few rounds, seeing as he'd gone the full ten with highly ranked Martin Watson. Barrett stood no chance here, though, as Khan cruised to 9-0-0 (7), all fights coming within the last 13 months since his debut.
Weighing in just two and a half pounds under the junior welter limit, it is unlikely Khan will fight at lightweight (where he won Olympic silver) any longer, but his sheer speed and athleticism will be just as effective at the higher weight, where promoter Frank Warren says he will challenge for a title of some sort early next year.
Whether this will be one of the easy-to-attain tinpot belts that proliferate boxing, or a genuine regional or national belt is uncertain, but what IS certain is that Amir Khan will be outgrowing even British level over the next year if he keeps developing as this rate. Whilst his debut at just 18 years of age showed him to be lightning quick, if not quite as strong as a fully grown professional veteran, it is noted that he is gaining strength at a rapid rate. 23 year old Barrett was pushed around in the few early clinches that occured before the knockdowns, and was manhandled once Khan found his range with the right hand.
Could the next Roy Jones or Floyd Mayweather Jr be from Bolton, Lancashire in England? It is quite possible, so keep an eye out for Amir Khan.


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