A few words with Roy Jones, Jr.

By Brad Cooney


A few words with Roy Jones, Jr.

Boxingtalk caught up with the legendary multi-division champion Roy Jones, Jr. in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Roy was in the house to support Zab "Super" Judah on the ESPN2 Friday Night Fights card, promoted by Prize Fight Promotions.  Roy briefly spoke with Boxintalk and gave us an update on his big fight coming up against Felix "Tito" Trinidad next January.

BT - Roy, welcome to Biloxi, Mississippi it's an honor to have you in town.

RJJ - I love to come to Biloxi, Mississippi to support the fights, you know what I mean?

BT - Roy you have a big coming up against Tito Trinidad. Talk about the matchup.

RJJ - I love this fight, I think it's going to be a wonderful fight.  Tito is an exciting guy, I love to see this guy fight.  Tito has power in both  hands, and it's wonderful to fight him, and I think it's an exciting opportunity for both of us.

BT - A lot of people are saying that this fight should have happened a long time ago, nevertheless it's happening now [in 2008]. Are you excited to get in there with a big name fighter again?
RJJ - Oh yeah, most definitely.  This a wonderful opportunity for two legends to get in there and go at it.

BT - How did this fight come to fruition?

RJJ - Tito decided he wanted to do this, so I said yeah, let's take this.

BT - Which Trinidad do you think will show up on fight night?

RJJ - It don't matter which one shows up, I'll be ready for it.


BT - What do you think will happen on fight night? What's the gameplan?

RJJ- Knocking him out, definitely knocking him out.

BT - When will you start camp?

RJJ - It already started, I'm already in the gym.

BT - Roy you got a lot of people around you, I know your busy thanks for giving Boxingtalk a few minutes of your time.

RJJ - No problem.



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