A Few Minutos With Felix Trinidad Sr.

By G. Leon


A Few Minutos With Felix Trinidad Sr.

GL: I've been hearing rumblings that since Tito Trinidad came in at 157, he may be moving back down to the junior middleweight division. What can you tell us about that? "I don't know who's been putting that out there, but I can guarantee you from our mouth that has not come from us. That's out of the question, Tito Trinidad will fight at middleweight.

GL: The last time we spoke you said when Tito got back from vacation you were going to meet with Don King to figure out what your next move would be. Have you met with King yet? If not, when will you meet with King?

Don Felix Trinidad: "We have not gotten together with Don King yet but we're tenatively scheduled to meet with him on Friday. I'm waiting for our attorney's to confirm this to us. If it's not this Friday, I'll have the date soon, but there's a good possibility that it could be this Friday."

GL: You know Don Felix, I've also been hearing that you guys are looking to make between $15-20M in your next fight. Is that correct?

Don Felix: "I don't really want to talk about how much money we're looking for because that depends on the fight and right now we do not know who we're fighting next. If me and Tito meet with Don King on Friday I'll give you a call."


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