47 year old Ray Mercer thinks he still has it


47 year old Ray Mercer thinks he still has it

Press Release: In the year 2008, most are counting out the 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist “Merciless” Ray Mercer (36-7-1, 26 KO’s) because they say he is too old.  It’s a good thing Mercer doesn’t listen to “they.”  The sports world, especially boxing, is full of heroic and spectacular events where the underdog - the guy who rose from nothing, the guy they said couldn’t, the guy who lost it all, the guy who was way past his prime, - became champion of the world.

They said George Foreman was too old to take on Michael Moorer for the heavyweight title 16 years after winning his gold medal, and look what happened George went into the ring the “too old” underdog and came out a history making champion once again.

You can never count out the heart of a true champion, and even more so the heart of an Olympic champion, regardless of his age.  [Editor's note: Mercer was counted out pretty quickly in an MMA fight against Kimbo Slice]. To take on and defeat an exuberant amount of opponents on the road to the Olympics, the way Mercer did, until you are the last one standing on the highest platform says something about his determination and heart – it will one day stop beating, but it will never die.

After his Olympic run in ‘88, Mercer never stopped taking on the best.  In 1991, after knocking out the previously undefeated Francesco Damiani for his WBO crown, Mercer immediately defended it by facing another powerhouse with a perfect record, Tommy Morrison.  After obliterating Morrison in the fifth round, Mercer could have taken an easy fight while resting on his laurels, but instead he took on one of the best heavyweights of our era in Larry Holmes, proving that Mercer will fight anybody they put in front of him.

At the age of 47, “Merciless” Mercer has the same mindset and willingness to take on the best as he did in Seoul, Korea fighting for Team USA.  His record is chock full of fighters who top the who’s who in the heavyweight division, and with names like Holmes, Holyfield, Lewis, Witherspoon, Klitschko, and Briggs under his belt, Mercer’s age and experience is actually an asset for him, especially when it comes to facing heavyweight contenders who have been quickly moved up the ranks looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Most recently, having traveled the globe to take on the toughest challengers willing to step in the ring with the “Merciless” one, Mercer fought in the main event of a nine bout card held in Sweden.  His victory against Richel Hersisia earned Mercer the distinguished title of becoming the oldest former heavyweight champion to win a sanctioned professional bout.

Mercer doesn’t know age.  He knows what it takes to become champion and to keep it, he knows it is easier to accomplish the former than it is the latter, and he somehow thinks he still has what it takes to be champion once again regardless of what “they” say.

“If  David Haye could get past Ray Mercer then it will truly validate him as a crediable heavyweight contender.”- Sal Musumeci.