2005 NJ Golden Gloves Tournament

By Will Lassalle


2005 NJ Golden Gloves Tournament

The 2005 NJ Golden Gloves tournament begins this Friday March 25th. Opening night is going to be at the Sheraton Hotel, Parsippany, NJ. The second round will be held at Eastside High School (of Lean On Me fame), 150 Park Ave in Historic Paterson, NJ. The tournament will culminate in the finals to be held at Essex Community College, Newark, NJ on May 6th 2005. The Golden Gloves will be well represented by all the fine boxing gyms in the state of NJ.

I had a chance to speak to Phil Shevak, manager of former welterweight contender Adrian Stone and owner of Ike and Randy’s Gym -98 Park Ave, Paterson, NJ, who is running the second round show at Eastside in Paterson. Ike and Randy’s has been the training ground to many pros in its prime including Joe & Arturo Gatti, Adrian Stone, and others. Phil is sending a group of promising young men to the tournament this year as well as bringing boxing back to a great boxing city. Among the members and trainers on Phil’s team are Wayne Sharpe, Wyleek Butler, “Terrific” and Terrance Compton, training a hungry team consisting of; Hector Genao, Charles Williams, Jason Armfield and Lief Mitchuns.

Tickets are $10 for general admission and $15 for ringside. You can call Ike and Randy’s for ticket information at 973-881-9723 or Tournament Director Dan Shannon at 732-283-1549.


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