"Too-Sharp" Johnson still hungry!

By Socrates Palmer Jr.


"Too-Sharp" Johnson still hungry!

Former multiple world champion Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson at the age of 33 is not ready to be put out to pasture just yet. In fact the Washington D.C. native feels that just like throwback jerseys are in style he himself is a classic that is not played out. Johnson still thinks that he is someone to be taken seriously in the world of the diminutive giants.

“I’m doing great and I’m looking forward to getting back into the mix. I had a broken knuckle and that put me on the shelf for a bit, but everything is cool now,” said Johnson. 

When Johnson was asked if he paid any special attention to the recent clash between the Fernando Montiel and the man whom took the title from him in Ivan Hernandez he had said yes but he really was not impressed.

Currently Johnson is rated in the top 10 by only one of the four major sanctioning bodies and that’s the WBO which has him as the #7 best 115 pounder in the world. Ironically the man who owns the Junior Bantamweight gold is Fernando Montiel. So ironic is the situation because it is Montiel whom was beaten by Johnson when they met in August of 2003. For an even more quirk of fate to things Johnson would later go on to make one successful defense of his crown before being stopped by Ivan Hernandez in September of 2004. Hernandez was then subsequently disposed of in 8 rounds by the aforementioned Montiel earlier this past April. The loss to Hernandez left Johnson a record of 44 wins (28 wins via k.o.) and 4 losses.

“I had a feeling he (Fernando Montiel) would beat Hernandez, because he was the more seasoned fighter of the two but I really was not impressed,” said Johnson.

“I know for a fact he would not fight me again, he scared of me. He ran from me the first time we fought that’s why I didn’t knock him out. If we fought a second time I would definitely stop him,” said Johnson.

“Do you think Gary Gittleshon and his handlers would put him in the ring with me again? Do you think they would mess with Mark Johnson again? They know what time it is,” said Johnson.

Titles are a tremendous honor and to officially be recognized as a champion is what everyone wants but at this point in his career Johnson says he is looking for big purses to go along with matching belts.

“I’m looking for big money fights at this point in my career. Show me the money that I deserve. Hernandez caught me on a bad night or an off night how ever you want to phrase it. I also took him lightly but if I had to go through him to get to a title shot then by all means. But Montiel is the champion in the B.O. and I have no problem whooping him again,” stated Johnson.

“A rematch with Rafael Marquez is also very attractive for me, I’d go up to 118 for an important fight like that one,” said Johnson.

“Too Sharp” pointed out to the current world champions who are ages 30 and up and are basically a few of the most dominant in the sport. He made note of recently crowned WBA world heavyweight champion James “Lights Out” Toney, undisputed middleweight king Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins, and the140 pound monarch Kostya Tszyu.

“I see Kevin Kelly is fighting soon hopefully he wins his next time out. A fight with Kevin Kelly at 126 is cool. I would fight certain featherweights, just because they are a little heavier not all of them are big punchers at that weight. I would do a fight with Kevin because he’s a friend of mine and I know he does not have much left,” said Johnson.

BoxingTalk would like to thank Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson for his time and want to wish him continued success in the future.


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