"My son made the challenge, not Oscar, not me, so if he comes over and steps on his daddy’s playground, he is going to get his ass whooped”

By. Ray O. Campbell Jr.


"My son made the challenge, not Oscar, not me, so if he comes over and steps on his daddy’s playground, he is going to get his ass whooped”

RC: Big Floyd, what’s the latest?
Floyd Mayweather Sr.: Well just here moving along, that’s about it. Nothing specifically is happening yet with Oscar, well at least I haven’t heard anything yet. I think he is going to make a statement about what he is going to do, I think next week. It might even be this week.

RC: What can you tell us about the meeting that took place between Oscar and yourself a couple of weeks back? Oscar has always made it clear that he is going to base his decision on the sit down he had with you. We heard his side of what took place can you give us yours?
FMSR: Well, I tell you in the meeting we had was about an hour and fifteen minutes. We had a talk, and we talked about everything. I gave him the run down; I showed him everything that needs to be done on paper. That is what I did for him.

RC: Meaning…
FMSR: (Cutting in) I had everything drawn up. I showed him everything that needs to be done on paper, but I don’t worry about it because if I am not there it isn’t going to make a difference what is on the paper. He is not going to be able to do it

RC: Since it wouldn’t matter if you weren’t there, that the plan would not be able to be executed, can you give us an idea of what was the plan on paper?
FMSR: (Hesitation...) I was telling him… basically… I can’t give the plan away. My son knows the talk I talk, I trained him so you have to remember he knows my talk. His daddy trained him, aint nobody else train him, Roger is training him now, but that is about it.

RC: Okay, I see, we obviously wouldn’t want you to give away the game plan, but can you give us some sort of idea to wet the appetite of all the inquiring minds?
FMSR: The whole thing is, look a here. I got so much stuff that I do, just telling anything, if that plan doesn’t work then another one of my plans will. I don’t have a certain particular set thing; I do a lot of things, which is what makes me the trainer that I am. That’s why I am the greatest and the latest.

RC: I respect that and completely understand, and to be honest I don’t want to know the game plan, I’d rather see it. But there has to be something that you can tell us that will leave the readers on the edge of their seats salivating for what might take place on May 5th.
FMSR: It is a touchy touchy situation, when you are talking about winning the fight you don’t really want to put nothing out there. If the game takes plans, the plan is going to have to be used, and don’t get me wrong, it is not that I want my son to fight Oscar at all, its my son that wants to fight Oscar, and the whole thing is man, this is what I do for a living and if anybody wants to fight a fighter of mine, that’s including my son or anybody else. It don’t make a difference, this is my job, this is what I do. My son made the challenge, not Oscar, not me. My son made the challenge. So if he comes over and steps on his daddy’s playground, he is going to get his ass whooped

RC: Not only will this do something for his legacy, but also do you feel Floyd more so wants this fight because you are his Dad and it would give him great pleasure to defeat your prized fighter?
FMSR: He will be deadly mistaken if that is what he is thinking. If I am with Oscar, he got an ass whooping coming. If I am not with him, then I don’t know, Oscar might get lucky.

RC: It’s clear you are looking at this solely as a business, but the way you are painted in the media is that you are cold hearted and have absolutely no remorse to train Oscar to beat your son. Has there ever been a period that….
FMSR: The whole thing you have top realize is that it aint me, it is little Floyd. It is not me that initiated the fight. Oscar aint never say he want to fight little Floyd, and I aint never tell Oscar to fight little Floyd. It is all little Floyd’s doing

RC: What the people want to know is did it have some affect on you in your heart and in your mind, being that this is your son despite the two of you not speaking, when it came to making this decision? Or was it like, ooh well he is just another fighter?
FMSR: I can’t look at him as just another fighter he is my son. We gotta be real with it, he is still my son at the end the day. But my thing is personally, I am not looking at it as…(pause)… everyone wants to take this fight and bill it as a Mayweather riot, or a Mayweather feud. That aint what it is, it is a fight, just like any other fight. The only thing that makes the difference is that it is the Daddy and the son, and it has never happened before, that is the only thing that makes this fight different. Ands it is the father trainer Oscar and the brother training the son, that’s all. It isn’t any different. Everybody wants to take this fight and blow it out of proportion but it is nothing big.

RC: I would imagine that the $2 million you have made clear that that’s what you want, how did Oscar receive your proposal when that was mentioned?
FMSR: They…Richard Schaefer was in there with him.

RC: (Cutting in) Wait, so before we continue, it was Richard Schafer, De La Hoya and yourself In the room and no one else correct?
FMSR: Yeah, and Richard Schafer, said something about it being Oscar money and my thing is of course it is Oscars money. Oscar is the one who is paying me… That wasn’t the problem about the money; the problem is what I asked for. Like I told them I am fighting my own damn son, I mean at the end of the day he is still going to be my son, for a lifetime. Until I am gone, and until he is gone, and you’ll ass’s might be gone and he might still be here. I am just saying, he is still going to be my son and I am not going to take that for no **explicit** chump change. 

RC: So does it sound like the $2 million…
FMSR: (Cutting in) They didn’t say either or, they said they will call me back, and that is on them because I am not going to do it for nothing under than what I said. That’s it, my guns are my guns and my guns are loaded.

RC: Oscar De La Hoya has always said he will base his decision on you training him on how you respond when he looks you straight in the eyes and ask you about training him to defeated your son Little Floyd, what was your response?
FMSR: He really didn’t ask me nothing, I took the floor.  I don’t know what he told you’ll but it wasn’t him who was talking, it was me that was talking. He got the money so he is in demand; But I was the one that was talking. I drew the plan up for him and showed him what the plan was. The plan that I got will offset a lot of speed that little Floyd has got. It is different things but some of the things that I do will cut off his speed, and different ways he can put little Floyd in predicaments and make little Floyd fight. He is the bigger and Floyd is the smaller man. I had heard that he said he was going to do that, but he never… It was just basically us having a talk but he didn’t just ask me “Floyd man are you going to train me to whoop your son?”, he never said that, nothing of the kind.

What is going on here now is a lot of speculation talk, but whatever they are going to do at the end of the day…. The whole thing is man, they aint fitting to stop me. I got work to do and that is what I am going to do and I am not going to let them hold me up.

RC: Has anyone in your family ever tried to intervene and talk you out of training Oscar to fight your son little Floyd?
FMSR: Now I have been hearing about that **explicit** lie.  I have been hearing about that **explicit** lie that you just said right now man. That’s some **explicit**.

RC:  Actually big Floyd I didn’t hear it anywhere, I was just curious if anyone in your family has ever tried to intervene.
FMSR: The reason I am telling you that is because a guy last night was telling me, and I am not saying that is had anything to do with you. The people was saying that my mother called up Golden Boy, and said that she didn’t want Oscar  to fight little Floyd all of a sudden. And I don’t know what son of a **explicit** that was, but my mother never did nothing like that

RC: Not that you wouldn’t know, but is there a possibility…
FMSR: (Cutting in) Those are lies man, believe me I know for a fact they are lies. I can call my mother on three way right now, she will tell you it is a lie. So that is what I am trying to tell you.

RC: Big Floyd, let me find out you are going to get Mama Mayweather on Boxingtalk.com to find out how she feels about the fight.
FMSR: Yeah Yeah that is what you need to do.

RC: Really? Can we?

RC: Can you get her on the line now?
FMSR: Yeah, hold on one two second, I am going to stop these lies because that is what they are, a bunch of lies.  Hold on let me call her up….

(After trying to figure out how we are going to get Mama Mayweather on a conference call, we got disconnected, then disconnected a few more times, finally when we get through and Mama Mayweather’s answering service picked up.  =0(  He then hangs up on her answering service)  

(Then as we were we about to continue the his other line clicks in, and Big Floyd says “Hold on, that might be her calling me up, I am placed on hold and Mayweather Sr. has to take the call to speak with Chad Daswson’s manager Mike Criscio)

But STAY TUNED…. Part two of this Exclusive you wont find anywhere else to follow.


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