"Mean" Joe Greene: "Be scared, Be Very Scared!"

By Darren Nichols


"Mean" Joe Greene: "Be scared, Be Very Scared!"

"I'll fight Simms behind the McDonald’s parking lot or Madison Square Garden. I’ll fight him anywhere."

"Mean" Joe Greene has knocked out almost every opponent he has faced in his eighteen pro fights.  Next up is the rugged Marlon Thomas on April 23, 2008 for ESPN2's Wednesday Night Fights.  Boxingtalk spoke with Greene recently to get his thoughts about his preparation for Thomas, how he plans to check his chin in the opening minutes. You definitely don't want to miss his response to our recent interview with fellow undefeated middleweight Tarvis Simms.

BoxingTalk:  Joe, it was just announced that you will be fighting Marlon Thomas April 23rd.  How is preparation going for that fight?
Joe Greene:  Preparation is going good.  We’re training hard.  We’re on a good diet.  We’ll be making weight with no problem.  This is the first time fighting at 154.  My last fight was at 157.

BoxingTalk:  What is the biggest advantage you have coming into this fight with Thomas?

Joe Greene:  I think all the amateur background I have.  Little things like punching off pivots, and left hand leads.  I know how to mix it up.  Moving down to junior middleweight will make a lot of fighters at 154 nervous.  We’re looking to dominate the division and be a franchise there.

BoxingTalk:  I know Thomas has fought guys like Vernon Forrest, Grady Brewer, Antonio Diaz, Joshua Clottey, and Carlos Bojorquez.  Do you feel his experience will be a factor in this fight?

Joe Greene:  I think everybody’s experience is a factor, but we’re here to win.  This fight will be just another day at the office for me.

BoxingTalk:  Tarvis Simms has made it clear that he's interested in fighting you, there's some rumblings about the fight, does it interest you?

Joe Greene:  We respect both Tarvis and his brother Travis, and we’d feel privileged to fight him.  We’d look forward to fighting him.  I'll fight Simms behind the McDonald’s parking lot or Madison Square Garden.  I’ll fight him anywhere.

BoxingTalk:  He told me in a recent interview that you would not be able to deal with his boxing ability and that your chin is questionable.  What do you say?

Joe Greene:  Where did he get that from?  I’ve never been knocked down in my life.  I know his boxing ability can’t match with mine.

BoxingTalk:  What do you feel a win against these fighters like Thomas and Simms would do for your career?

Joe Greene:  I think it will do good things for my career.  It will not only show my ability as a strong person and a knockout artist, but also as a person who can deal with ring experience.  And, it will show those guys fighting at 154 that we can be calm and wait them out, so when they make a mistake in the ring that’s it for them.

BoxingTalk:  What kind of fight should we expect from you on April 23rd against Thoomas?

Joe Greene:  We respect Thomas, but we’re going to bring a great fight for fans and for ESPN.  We’re going to check him every few seconds to see if he’s chin worthy.  I don’t think he’s chin worthy.

BoxingTalk:  Any closing thoughts?

Joe Greene:  We’re coming to be a franchise at 154.  Those fighting at 154, you might want to move to a different division.  Be scared.  Be very scared.


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