“For so many years I’ve been the Rabbit & I’ve been on the run”


“For so many years I’ve been the Rabbit & I’ve been on the run”

The words of our beloved middleweight champion

Press Release: Almost exactly as we claimed not 24 hours ago in our piece “Run Bernard Run,” with the only thing we overlooked was, this Rabbitt is boxing’s P4P fighter?  Please!  Down here, our fighters are real fighters.  They don’t run---they fight!  It made me sick to read his comments regarding “his best friend” Super Judah, as I quote him, “Went to Spink’s backyard & fought for $100,000 because they understood that they could beat Corey Spinks.”  Soliman has been calling out Hopkins for a voluntary shot for 2 years virtually offering to fight for next to nothing. Further to this we have offered to give 50% back to him to donate to a charity of his choice. We did this because “we understood that Soliman would beat you.”

He makes reference to his reign with the IBF since 1995 – I say, show a bit of respect to the fans, and the IBF and honour your mandatory obligation, Mr. Rabbitt.

Why anybody other than Soliman? I’ll tell you why.  Bernard Hopkins, the self proclaimed “Rabbit Runner” is also a chicken!  Maybe you are scared that you will get beat up by an Aussie just like your best mate Zab Judah did. Maybe you saw how Soliman totally outclassed the highly touted Ray Joval last year in the USA on a Fox Sports Net telecast. Or maybe you were forced to watch a replay of your “bout” against Eastman (in which case you either fell asleep or turned it off like us).

We’ll make it easy for you Bernard – we’ll take 1.4 million, agree to your date at your venue and as a bonus you can have Zab as a judge and Oscar as the ref, cause neither of them are going to be able to help you, other then picking you up off the canvas. Further to this we’ll put a $200,000 wager on the table that says Soliman beats Hopkins. The excuses are over---Rabbitt---you’ve done what we suspected you would try to do and run.  Well, guess what?  With Easter right around the corner, Soliman is ready to turn this Rabbitt into a big Bunny now!