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January 10, 2019

By G. Leon

Greg Leon: How has everything been going in preparation for your January 18th bout versus the undefeated Oscar Rivas? 

Bryant Jennings: Everything is good, I'm in good hands. I don't really know anything about this guy I'm fighting, but I'm going to be ready to go on fight night. GL: Have you not looked at him at all? I've looked at him and I don't know much about him other than what I've seen.

GL: How do you look at a guy? Do you check their record first and then watch them or vice versa?

Bryant Jennings: "I look at all of that. All of that comes into play. When you go to boxrec, you see the tree and who he's fought. Then you look at a couple of fights and see what caliber he and some of his opponents are and then you break it down from there. You see their tendencies and start dissecting certain things you think are going to work and then you go to work on them."

GL: He's never faced anybody on your level, but at the same time he's an undefeated, up-and-coming kid. Do you view him as the best fighter you've faced recently?

BJ: "I can't really say that until I dance with him, but I would think Joey Dawejko is. Aside from his physical shape, I think he's better than this kid. This kid might have some aggressiveness, but skill wise he's nothing special."

GL: We all know where you want to go. What are you hoping a victory over Rivas leads to?

BJ: "I'm hoping a victory leads to progression. Just progress and consistency. I'm pleased with the promotion and the route that we're talking, so I'm all good with that. It's a process, that's it."

GL: In your mind's eye, are you ready for a title shot right now? Do you deserve a title shot right now?

BJ: "Do I deserve one? Yes. Am I ready for one? I'm always ready to fight for a title. I was in the era where the Klitschkos were holding it [the titles], so these guys are just regular guys to me. They're some big guys, but there's nothing too special about them other than their physical attributes."

GL: Since you feel like you're ready for it right now do, are you keeping yourself level headed and grounded by saying you're expect a win to lead to more progress? Does saying that remove the expectation and potential disappointment? I talk to a lot of fighters and they usually say something along the lines of, I want this win to lead to a title fight or an elimination bout or a fight with so and so, you know what I mean?

BJ: "When you do business in this boxing game, you never know what to expect. There could be times where you're not expecting a title fight to present itself and then the next thing you know you've got a dog gone title shot. I just hope that I either progress or stay consistent because the game plays a lot of games. Of course we're hoping for bigger and better things. We're hoping to keep everything going and keep feeding the family, whether the major opportunities come quickly or it takes time I'm ready for whatever."

GL: What did you think about the Doentay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury fight [a draw]?

BJ: "I think Fury won. Wilder knows that Fury won. Everybody bitches about the count, but the ref made it known and ten count doesn't necessarily mean ten seconds. Even though I still think that Fury made the count, I don't know how he did it. It was an interesting fight though. Wilder was hesitant, but they're probably going to have a rematch and I think the same think might could happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if Wilder went for it a little bit earlier to try and get him out of there because he almost had him."

GL: Wilder has that equalizer that no matter how many rounds he's lost, he can really change the fight with one punch.

BJ: "Listen, the boy has got some God given power."

GL: Other than victory do you have a prediction?

BJ: "Nah. My whole thing is getting the victory, staying safe, having fun in there and getting that check."

GL: Closing thoughts for the fans.

BJ: "You already know where to find me @ByJennings on IG and twitter. Tune in on January 18th because it's going to be a great night of boxing."

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