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January 07, 2019

By G. Leon

"Bring on all of the champions at 122 or 126!"

Greg Leon: You're back in action on Sunday night for a fight that was announced at the last minute. Are you in tip top shape? 

Guillermo Rigondeaux: I'm in great shape and I've been in the gym for over two months. I'm excited to be back in the ring and especially at my natural weight. I look forward to getting this win on Sunday night and then having some big things coming right behind it.

GL: Are you disappointed that you didn't fight at all in 2018?

Guillermo Rigondeaux: "Of course. Right now I can't think about that though, I'm just ready to get back into the ring at my division and remind the fans of what I can do."

GL: What do you know about your opponent Giovanni Delgado [16-8]?

GR: "Nothing really. I haven't seen any video on him yet, I know he's fought a lot of up-and-coming prospect guys, but like I said, I just got to go in there and be me to fight my way back into some big money fights."

GL: Do you feel like you need to start fighting more offensive minded in order to remain relevant to the networks and streaming services?

GR: "I hope I'm not fighting on any streaming services (laughs). For the networks I feel that everybody knows that my pedigree has shown that I'm one of the top fighters in the world. I had one bad night two divisions above my weight class. I think if you fight me I'll fight you and I showed that with Nonito Donaire. I just have to show the world what I can still be and that I still have a lot left in the tank. This time off gave me the chance to really reflect on life and it's rejuvenated me."

GL: Do you regret taking the Lomachenko fight at a weight class you didn't belong in?

GR: "Obviously it was a mistake. I should not have jumped up two weight classes, especially for what I earned and the type of camp I had. I don't want to make excuses. Lomachenko is a great champion, but maybe it was a mistake. In life people make mistakes, it's how you come back that defines you as a champion. I'm back now and I'm ready to take on the best at 122 or in the featherweight division."

GL: What are your goals for 2019?

GR: "World champion"

GL: Are there any specific names you're looking to see? Do you have a preference between 122 and 126?

GR: "I'll fight all of the champion in either division. I feel like everybody knows that I'm still the best 122 pound fighter in the world period, and at 126 there's some very tough challenges for me. Guys like Leo Santa Cruz, Gary Russell and Josh Warrington are all tough fights for me, but I have no problem fighting any of them. I feel like I can win all those fights, even though they're bigger than I am it's only one division, not two and that makes a big difference.

GL: Will Delgado go the distance?

GR: "I'm looking for the knockout."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

GR: "I'm excited to be back in the ring, El Chacal is back and I'm going to show everybody I've got a lot of big fights left in me."

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