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December 06, 2018

By G. Leon

You were fighting on f**king Showtime you didn't know Gvodzyk was fighting an Al Haymon fighter? The Bobfather: "I didn't. I really didn't. You guys think that way, I never think that way. (laugh)

Greg Leon: We're just days away from the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world headlining his third straight main event at Madison Square Garden. What are your thoughts on this Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. Jose Pedraza lightweight unification bout? 

Bob Arum: "I'm very excited about this card. Loma is really trained and ready to go. He had a layoff because of the shoulder, but that's now 110% cured and we're getting ready for a terrific fight. Pedraza is a really good opponent, he's the WBO champion. You have to favor Loma in the fight, but you have to respect Pedraza he's a very good fighter and capable of pulling the upset.  

GL: You don't really believe that do you?  

BA: He IS capable of pulling the upset, just because Loma is tremendous doesn't mean nobody can beat him. A guy who is a no-hoper can never beat him, but Pedraza is not a no-hoper, he's a good competent fighter. 

GL: Lomachenko isn't the only Top Rank talent coming back from an injury to fight on this card. Teofimo Lopez is back in action against Mason Menard. What can you tell us about that fight?

The Bobfather: "This kid is up in the office in Vegas every other day. He couldn't wait for this December 8th date and I think he's going to put on an incredible performance. On Monday, I was a guest of the Knicks at the Garden and who did I see in the 200 club? Teofimo and his father."

GL: Congrats on getting the world/ WBC light heavyweight championship with Oleksandr Gvozdyk. Can you give us some thoughts on his win as well as the unfortunate situation Adonis Stevenson now finds himself in?

The Bobfather: "Hopefully Stevenson will be OK [from a brain injury]. Everyone is praying for him. Gvozdyk was very sharp during the fight, I thought it was a very good fight and he and Teddy Atlas seem to be working very well together don't they? I told you before that Gvozdyk was one of the brightest fighters I've ever promoted and not just boxing, but outside of the ring as well. The other night he showed how smart he can be in the ring with the right game plan."

GL: It's always great to add a new champion to your stable, does it feel extra good for you when you take a belt from an Al Haymon champion?

The Bobfather: "No. I forgot that Haymon had him. He wasn't even there, I forgot that he was a Haymon fighter."

GL: (laughing at Bob's last statement while he was saying it) You didn't know?

The Bobfather: "I didn't even realize it no."

GL: You were fighting on f**king Showtime you didn't know Gvodzyk was fighting an Al Haymon fighter?

The Bobfather: "I didn't. I really didn't. You guys think that way, I never think that way (laughs).

GL: What did you think about the Wilder-Fury fight?

The Bobfather: "I watched it in Quebec with all of my Ukrainians, Gvozdyk, Lomachenko and Usyk. Everybody scored the fight the same way 9 rounds to 3 for Tyson Fury. It was a great fight and really interesting. We were all mesmerized by it, but we all felt that Fury clearly won that fight."

GL: I talked to Loma about Mikey Garcia vs. Errol Spence and he's going to be rooting for Garcia. He said it's a big challenge, but he's not giving him much of a chance to beat Spence. What's the big challenge out there for Lomachenko?

The Bobfather: "Well he's not going to go out there and fight a guy that is so much bigger than him, that's just f**king stupid. That's not what boxing is about. You fight guys in or near your weight category. If you're a 135 pound guy then you don't go up to fight a big welterweight."

GL: Manny Pacquiao did it with Antonio Margarito.

The Bobfather: "Yeah I know, but Margarito is slow and not elite in the same way that Spence is."

GL: Did you forget Al Haymon had Luis Collazo when you were making the Crawford fight?

The Bobfather: "We made that with Keith (Connolly), but we don't know if Crawford and Collazo is going to happen now because we've got a proposal out there to Amir Khan and we're going to see what happens with that. I don't know if it's going get any traction, but we'll see."

GL: What's going to be next for Gvozydk?

The Bobfather: "I don't know yet, I'm going to be sitting down with [his manager] Egis Klimas after this fight and we'll be going over what's next for all of my Ukrainians."

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