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December 04, 2018

By G. Leon

Greg Leon: Not the result you were looking for with your son Travis Kauffman against Luis Ortiz [a tenth-round stoppage], but he showed heart and fought courageously. Can you give us some thoughts on his performance? 

Marshall Kauffman: Travis showed what he's always been capable of showing, his boxing ability, a great chin, he fought without a doubt the best counter puncher in the heavyweight division. Ortiz is not just a counter puncher, he's a counter puncher than can punch. Travis made three mistakes in that fight and Ortiz capitalized on all of them. The first was with the lunging hook where he got caught with the left hand. He followed the game plan perfect in the first five rounds, you know box him, turn him, make him come to us. We were expecting him to show fatigue in the later rounds, but he didn't and Travis made that mistake. It was a difficult fight, but Ortiz never seemed to lose his stamina or his speed throughout the ten rounds and I question why, but at the same time is was a great effort on Travis part and he showed that he belongs in the top tier of the division.

"There's a couple of things Travis has to do differently if he wants to beat guys that are in that top tier, the Ortiz's, Joshua's and Fury's. He's got to do some things differently and I think coming out of the fight he realizes this even more."

GL: Would you like to elaborate on Ortiz not showing any fatigue throughout the whole ten rounds?

Marshall Kauffman: (laughs) "Naw. I think everybody knows. It is kind of funny because he did get tired versus Wilder where they did VADA testing on him. Why didn't he get tired with Travis in this fight? He did get frustrated, but he never got tired."

GL: You've got a big show coming up this weekend headlined by Brandon Robinson vs. Kalvin Henderson. What can you tell us about the event?

MK: "Brandon Robinson is going up against Kalvin Henderson [who is undefeated]. It's going to be their first ten rounder fight. Henderson has a great amateur backgrund and B-Rob has been on a roll. It's going to be an exciting main event and of course there's going to be local Philly talent on the card as well. It's going to be another one of the great nights of boxing that King's Promotions is becoming known for."

GL: Will 2019 be the year for Brandon?

MK: "I strongly believe it will. I believe with every fighter you have to take tougher challenges to really see where they're at. You have to take these calculated risk to really see where your guys is at. It's going to be a breakout year for not only Brandon, but several guys I'm working with. I've got something big to announce coming soon, and I'll be calling you in a few days to go over that. I expect big things for Brandon at 168, I'd love to put him in the ring with the very top guys after another five or six fights. I think he's ready for Ronald Gavril right now. I'm going to continue to test him and see where he's at, because he's not a spring chicken so he's got to be moved a little bit faster. The same goes for Anvar Yunusov, my 130 pounder. These guys have to move faster and I will be putting them in tougher tests."

GL: How important is for Travis to get right back in there?

MK: "Very. I think Travis will be back within four months tops. We're going to look to keep him busy and stay sharp, but he's definitely going to be in the ring before the end of April. I think this fight was a wake up call for Travis and if he stays in the gym 365 days a year he's capable of beating every heavyweight in the world."

GL: Mykal Fox versus Class got canceled. Is there a new opponent for Fox yet?

MK: "Yes. He's fighting a guy 5-0, but I can't remember his name off the top of my head. He's going to be ready to go and put on another great show."

GL: Closing thoughts for the fans?

MK: "It was a great weekend for fights. The heavyweight division is wide open and exciting and just as exciting as the welterweight division, if not more exciting. I still think Travis has some great opportunities ahead of him and I'm looking forward to another big year for him. As far as King's Promotions goes 2019 is going to be our best year ever. If you like what we've done the last couple of years, 2019 is going to elevate everything to a new level. You ain't seen nothing yet."

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