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December 03, 2018

By G. Leon

World's Best Fighter Looking Forward To Unifying Titles In Third Straight Garden Party

Boxingtalk was able to get a hold of pound-for-pound Picasso Vasiliy Lomachenko while he was waiting on the plane that would bring him to New York City, and more specifically, his home away from home, Madison Square Garden, the host of his last three boxing matches. The WBA lightweight champion discusses his upcoming unification bout with WBO counterpart Jose Pedraza, his future plans and much more, including his thoughts on the upcoming Spence vs. Garcia and Pacquiao vs. Broner fights. You don't want to miss what the best fighter in the world had to say.

Greg Leon: How has everything gone in preparation? What can boxing fans look forward to seeing on Saturday night?

Vasiliy Lomachenko: "Preparation was good. We had a very hard training camp, very hard work, so everything was like always and I can't wait to be back in the ring on December 8th."

GL: What do you think about Jose Pedraza as a fighter?

VL: "His style is not interesting for me. I don't like his style, he's not the greatest. Everything is done in his house like with his defense, he's not very aggressive. If he wants to win he will do something and throw a lot of punches."

GL: Is it difficult for you to get motivated for a guy that you don't have a very high opinion of?

VL: "No, I have a motivation and my motivation for this fight is my second belt. It doesn't matter who has the belt, it doesn't matter who it is, if they have a title, that's my motivation."

GL: Do you feel fully recovered?

VL: "Yes, I'm 100% healthy."

GL: You said you don't like his style, what style would you like to see in the ring? What style would interest you?

VL: "I love smart styles, technical styles and aggressive styles. I like styles like Mikey Garcia."

GL: What do you think about the fight with Garcia and Spence?

VL: "I think it's a big challenge for Mikey. It's an interesting choice, and it's a good fight for people who love boxing."

GL: What's the big challenge for you?

VL: "Now it's December 8th and only December 8th. After this fight we can talk about my future."

GL: What did you think of Gvozdyk's performance last night?

VL: "Oleksandr had a long road to this title so I'm happy and I respect him. Now Ukraine has four world champions."

GL: Is Madison Square Garden your new base of operations? Is fighting there special for you?

VL: (laughs) "Yes it is. When I step into Madison Square Garden I feel like I'm walking into my house. It's very special and an honor for me to be fighting at Madison Square Garden. It has a very big history and for me this is very important."

GL: Who do you think is going to win between Garcia and Spence? You told me you think it's a big challenge but you never made a pick.

VL: "I think all who understand boxing knows who will win this fight."

GL: That sounds like a riddle, but most people believe that Spence will be too much for him.

VL: "Yes, in my opinion that's what I think, Spence will win this fight. It's a big fight for both of them, but in this fight I will be cheering for Mikey Garcia."

GL: Your English is getting pretty f**king good. I like this.

VL: (laughs) "Aw thank you, I am doing my best."

GL: Will Pedraza go the distance?

VL: "I don't know. I never predict my fights, but you know that when you see me step into the ring it will be very interesting."

GL: What do you think about Broner and Pacquiao?

VL: "I think its a fight that I'm not so interested in, but for my prediction I think Pacquiao will win."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

VL: "You just need to wait six more days and you will see a big show."

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