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December 03, 2018

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on Gvozdyk's victory over Adonis Stevenson. Can you give us some thoughts on his performance? I think he did very good. He followed all of the instructions that were given in the corner. He took Stevenson into the later rounds and he did what he was supposed to do. He fought in a way that showed his abilities and he was able to leave no doubt that he's a real champion.

GL: Teddy and Gvozdyk seems to be a good marriage. It was clear early on that there was a specific game plan and Gvozdyk followed it beautifully...

Egis Klimas: "Teddy had a good game plan and Gvozdyk executed."

GL: Have you guys heard any update on Stevenson's condition?

EK: "No. Before we left for the airport I called in to check and they said it was the same. Unfortunately we are in a dangerous sport and this is why I always tell all of my fighters to be prepared when you sign the contract. Every time they sign a contract they're putting their health and life on the line in the ring and we have to take this seriously." (Note: Since our talk Yvon Michel reports that Stevenson's condition has been elevated from critical to stable)

GL: Will Gvozdyk look to unify? What do you see being next for him?

EK: "I know what you would like to be next for him. (laughs) Of course we're going to be talking about unification. We're going to see how Kovalev-Alvarez goes and we'll see. The division is booming, I think there's a lot of guys out there so we will see. We don't have to deal with a mandatory right now, we definitely want to fight good guys that are rated high. I think Gvozdyk is going to be champion for a long time."

GL: Are you aware the judges had Stevenson ahead at the time of the stoppage?

EK: "Of course, and that is criminal. These judges have to lose their licenses and be disqualified from judging."

GL: Especially the one who had it 98-92.

EK: "That's correct. That was in-fucking-sane. I have that judge on my radar now and I'm not going to let that judge ever work again for my guys. We chose this sport, the commissions and everybody needs to make sure competent judges are appointed."

GL: What can we expect to see from Lomachenko on Saturday night?

EK: "The magician is going to close my year with a nice victory in a unification bout. I think this will be a very good year for me and my guys. Unfortunately Kovalev lost to Alvarez, but the rematch with Alvarez is set for next year and we'll see what happens."

GL: Maybe we need to get Teddy Atlas with Kovalev?

EK: (hard laugh) "Teddy is the kind of man that he likes to work with one fighter at a time an him and Gvozdyk work well, I don't know how it would work with Kovalev. I think Teddy enjoys what he's doing with Gvozdyk and that's an important aspect of it."

GL: Closing thoughts?

EK: "Tune in on ESPN and come out to the Garden if you can get your hands on tickets. We're going to end 2018 with a nice victory."

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